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Monday, January 28, 2013

The Colorado St. Bridge- Pasadena, CA

When you’re driving on the 134 freeway in Pasadena, California, you can’t help but notice the spectacular Colorado street bridge. It’s especially irresistible at night when the lighting makes the bridge seem more alive. It’s guaranteed to magnetize and attract anyone’s eye who catch’s it. However, once you’re on this bridge, you can’t help but notice a shift in energy. You’re not sure what it is, but to your suspicion, you feel like there’s a dark history behind this bridge. Well believe it or not, there is a twist to the Colorado street bridge. It’s better known as Suicide Bridge.

Why is it known as Suicide Bridge? During the Great Depression, people saw no other way to get their lives back on track, so they took the easy way out by jumping off the bridge. It’s been reported that more than 100 people jumped off the bridge during this time period. The bridge stands at approximately 150 feet high and spans 1,476 feet across the Arroyo Seco. One of the most famous urban legends of the bridge occurred when a construction worker accidentally fell off the bridge head first into wet concrete that was down below. However, this is the only story that seems  to be questionable.  Some say that it’s false. Others say it’s true and that the worker is the main reason for the bridges hauntings. 

There are other spirits that haunt this bridge as well. People have reported seeing a man with wire-rimmed glasses being on the bridge. People have also reported a woman in a white robe standing on the parapets and jumping off the bridge. As she jumps off, she disappears. I can say that the woman in the white robe is true through a friend. One night, I was under the bridge ghost hunting with a group of friends. We had just gotten under the bridge, when suddenly one of my friends saw the woman in the white robe looking down upon him. He looked away to get our attention, but when he looked back up she was gone. 

Many spirits are said to be wandering the bridge. Other tales include people hearing unexplained sounds such as cries and screaming. In the Arroyo forest, which is below the bridge, it is said that phantom figures roam under the bridge, walking on the river bed. I’ve personally had some experiences under the bridge myself. I remember my first time investigating the bridge with a friend of mine. The structure of the bridge from the ground is both beautiful and intimidating at the same time. After walking through the forest to the bridge, we started an EVP session. After that night, we reviewed the evidence and got something on my digital recorder. The following was said: “Do you have something to say to us that you can have us review back later”. After this statement, an entity said “Answer me!” It sounded very forceful and threatening and it was followed by a small growl. Another incident took place when we came back with a Ouija Board. (USE EXTREME CAUTION WHILE USING A OUIJA BOARD AT A HAUNTED LOCATION. IF YOU’RE GOING TO USE ONE, MAKE SURE YOU BRING SOME KIND OF PROTECTION, AND MAKE SURE YOU SAY GOODBYE AT THE END TO AVOID ATTACHMENTS TO ENTITIES.) My friend asked the following question: “Have I seen you before?” In what sounded like a demonic voice, the entity responded “Yes.” One more incident occurred while I was walking to the bridge on another night. Another group of friends and I were headed to the bridge when suddenly I heard footsteps sprinting behind us. As I turned around, the sprinting stopped and no one was there. As I reviewed the recording, there was definitely the sounds of footprints sprinting in the recording.

Although over a hundred people took their lives away on this bridge, a miraculous story did occur on the bridge. On May 1, 1937 a women approached the bridge with her baby.  Her husband had recently left her and his baby due to inability to find work, so he left them feeling as if he would not be able to provide for them. First, she threw her baby off the bridge. Then she jumped off the bridge after she threw her baby off the bridge. The mother fell to her death. The baby on the other hand survived. When the baby was thrown off, it was caught by tree branches. Later that day, the baby was rescued. It is rumored that the spirit of the mother is searching for her baby. 

The Colorado Street Bridge use to be a part of route 66 from 1926 up until 1940. On February 12, 1981, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places. As of today, the bridge seems to remain true to it’s hauntings. 

The Colorado St. Bridge EVP's

Down below is a database of EVP's I've captured from the Colorado St. Bridge. 

In this EVP Session, we were below the Colorado St. Bridge asking a series of questions. I asked if anyone was there, that they could speak into the recorder. We then said "We know we can't hear you now, but if you have anything to say to us we can review later, we would appreciate it." In the middle of the that, you can hear a voice say 
"Answer me!"

A Ouija Board was used for this EVP Session. We were under the bridge again. We had recently encountered a possession with the Ouija Board with a friend, and we were looking for answers. We had a black candle lit to invite any spirits that were under the bridge. My friend asked "Have I seen you before?" Shortly after that, a terrifying voice came through saying"YES!"

In this EVP Session, we asked a series of questions. About 8 minutes in we asked "Are you next to us?" A voice came through. The EVP is hard to hear, but we think the spirit might be saying "Pretty close."

The Colorado St. Bridge Investigations 

In January of 2012, I was conducting an investigation at the Colorado St. Bridge (Suicide Bridge.) On May 1 1937, A man left his family because of the Great Depression. He was unable to provide for his family and he left them. His wife decided to go to the Colorado St. Bridge with her baby. She threw her baby off of the bridge first. She jumped off shortly afterwards taking her own life. Miraculously, the baby survived. The police found the baby caught in the tree branches. I was doing an EMF session below the bridge trying to come in contact with this woman. I asked "Are you confused about what happened to your child?" This video I shot is what I   believe to be her responding to my question.

Here is an investigation I did in late December of 2012. In this investigation, I used a Mel Meter, a digital recorder, and the SB7 Spirit Box. The results were quite intriguing. 

Spirit of A Jumper At Suicide Bridge

I bring this photo up because I've seen the energy form before in pictures. I saw it in a picture that claims to be the spirit of WWE Wrestler Owen Hart falling to his death. In this picture captured at the Colorado St. Bridge, you can see a diagonal white energy form to the left of the picture.I believe it to be a residual effect of a someone jumping off the bridge. We also heard a tree branch crack with a good amount of force down in the arroyo. I believe this to to be residual energy of someone jumping off the 

The Colorado St. Bridge Spirit Box Sessions

The Spirit Box or the Ghost Box as some like to call it, is one of the most popular devices in the paranormal field today. It's been seen on Ghost Adventures quite a few times. What this device does is deliver continuous white noise by sweeping through various radio frequencies. White noise is a lower frequency in which spirits can communicate to the living. The sound is static. It's like capturing an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) in real time. So if you ask a question while the radio is sweeping through various frequencies, a spirit will answer your question. This is an archive of Spirit Box sessions at the Colorado St. Bridge (Suicide Bridge.) I've gotten some amazing responses from this location and I think you guys will find these videos very interesting. 

May 4, 2012

DDecember 30, 2012

Colorado St. Bridge Ovilus Session 11/30/13

The Colorado St. Bridge Summary 

Here is a guide to the claims of the Colorado. St Bridge (Suicide Bridge) if you decide to go investigate it. It's essential to know what happened at a haunted location to collect the best evidence possible and to also help spirits move on if you can. 

 - The bridge stands at approximately 150 feet high and spans 1,476 feet across the Arroyo Seco.

- A construction worker accidentally fell off the bridge head first into wet concrete that was down below. The worker is supposedly the main reason for the bridges hauntings. 

- People have reported seeing a man with wire-rimmed glasses being on the bridge. 

- People have also reported a woman in a white robe standing on the parapets and jumping off the bridge. As she jumps off, she disappears.

-People hear unexplained cries and screaming.

- Phantom figures roam under the bridge, walking on the river bed.

-On May 1 1937, a woman threw a baby off of the bridge, then herself. However, the baby miraculously survived. 

Good luck on your investigation!


Rashad Varma
Myrtle Ward 
Douglas Howard Balding
October 29, 2011 Male
December 20, 2012 Female
March 28, 2013 Male
November 16, 1919


  1. Are you SURE your information about the woman throwing her baby and then herself off the bridge is correct? Because I've heard that story attributed to various bridges. The tend to be called "Crybaby Bridges" because of the disembodied baby cries. There are reported "Crybaby Bridges" with this same or similar stories in the following locations:
    ~ The Screaming Bridge of Maud Hughes Road, Liberty Township, Ohio
    ~ Alderson, Oklahoma
    ~ Illinois is home to several crybaby bridges, most notably, Monmouth, Illinois. Many stories about this bridge are similar to the folklore motif
    ~ Kellyville, Oklahoma
    ~ High Shoals Rd, just south of Anderson, South Carolina. The legend (which is repeated in nearly every county in South Carolina) tells of a woman who threw her baby off the bridge.
    ~ St. George County, Maryland
    ...To name a few.
    I'm not questioning your credibility. I just noticed how similar the story was for this bridge, to the urban legend of "Crybaby Bridge". Check it out on Wikipedia and Dead Ohio.
    Sincerely Yours.

    1. Hey Meghan,

      So I am researching for a book I'm writing and I've dug a little into the history of the Colorado Street Bridge. And there was a mother who committed suicide on this bridge and also tried to take her child with her.

      This was on May 1st, 1937, when a Myrtle Ward threw her daughter and then herself over the bridge. The child survived with her fall being partially arrested by a tree, but her mother died two hours later in a nearby hospital.

      I'm not certain if this was the genesis point of all other "crybaby bridges", but thought it was interesting this bridge had a real event associated with its urban legend.

  2. We have a visitor from Florida who is a retired journalist and would like to interview some one who have had any paranormal experience at the bridge. Can that person be you? If so, you can contact me via Facebook. Look for Nayade de Cumbe in Monrovia California, and send me a message. Thanks!

  3. I live nearby, and your investigations interest me. Could you please redownload your videos/recordings? I can't seem to get to them

  4. I have proof of landslide/ cavein on july 24,1940 while arroyo seco bridge was under construction a worker was killed by cavein .i have original pictures with the negatives