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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Haunted Forest- Pasadena, CA

The Enchanted Forest 

When you approach The Haunted Forest (also known as The Enchanted Forest) at the end of Lake Ave. in Pasadena, California, it definitely has an intimidating first impression. As you walk towards the entrance you see the front gate of the forest. There’s bright street lighting, but as you get closer to the gate, it gets darker and darker. The gate looks like something out of a horror movie or the entrance to hell. Once you pass through the gate, it’s a good idea to have a flashlight with you because you can’t see an inch in front of you in this place. That is unless you look back toward the entrance of the forest with the street lighting. But if you’re interested in going into The haunted Forest, you better bring some flashlights with you or a camcorder with infrared.
People have claimed hearing screams coming from the Forest, but are unable to find anything. There have also been claims of people getting the feeling of being followed throughout the forest while exploring. I’ve had this experience happen to me before. A friend and I decided to come here one night out of curiosity of it’s hauntings. As we explored the forest, we could hear footsteps following us and leafs slowly cracking throughout our touring of the forest. It could’ve easily have been some sort of animal, but after searching areas of where it sounded like the footsteps occurred with flashlights, we were unable to find anything. The sounds of these footsteps continued to follow us until we exited the forest.
Strange lights can also be seen at night on the Echo Mt. hiking trail that connects to the forest. I was hiking up the trail to Echo Mt. one night, and at the time I didn’t know where the trail lead. I took it out of curiosity. Almost getting to the end of the trail, I looked at the very top of the mountain and suddenly saw these blue lights come on out of nowhere. The first light looked like it was searching the mountain for something. Shortly after that, the blue light started coming down the mountain and was followed by another one. Then, a third one started come down. It looked as if they were headed my way. Getting an uncomfortable feeling from this, I decided to turn around and hurry back down the trail back to the forest. I can’t say that this was paranormal since it was from a far distance. It could’ve been anything from hikers coming back down the mountain to mountain bikers. However, it was strange the way these blue lights moved. They were moving too fast and steady. It was also the middle of the night. When I came back down the mountain, I hid and waited for a while to see who or what it was. Oddly enough, nothing ever showed up.

Reflecting back on this now, Los Angeles had a recent UFO sighting. Looking at the photographs, I didn't connect it to this situation until now. The lights that I saw coming down the mountain, looked a lot like the UFO light in the sky. There have been UFO sightings at this location. I didn't believe this claim, until i connected these two events together. Now, claims of UFO activity at this location are more legitimate.

What the lights came down looked like. 

Since then, I have been to this forest many times with many friends. Sometimes nothing happens. Sometimes paranormal activity occurs. I’ve brought my digital recorder to this location many times and haven’t been able to come up with anything until recently. I had a K-II EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) detector and decided to bring it to the forest. This forest seems to respond much more to an EMF detector than a digital recorder. The meter goes from green to red, green being the least amount of EMF’s and red being the most amount of EMF’s. The reason for using an EMF meter is because ghosts are a form of energy and they give off an Electro-Magnetic Field.
A friend and I were about to leave the forest when suddenly the EMF meter started to spike to red. Here were the questions we asked, to which a possible spirit responded. We asked it to leave the meter on green if the answer to the question is no, and to spike the meter to red if the answer to the question is yes.
Is something here with us right now?
Did you stop because I started video taping?
Do you not like the camera?
When I asked if something was here with us, the EMF meter spiked to red. I pulled out my flip camcorder to capture video evidence of the session but was unable to get anything. As soon as I turned off the camcorder, the EMF started spiking again. When I asked if it stopped because I started video taping, it responded with another spike. Whatever spirit was communicating with us, did not like the camcorder on. I went back to the forest the next week with the EMF detector to ask some more questions. I found another spot in the forest where the EMF detector was responsive and got a response to the following questions:
Do you need help?
Is there demonic activity going on here?
These questions I got an affirmative response. It seems that some spirits are in need of help in the forest area. There also seems to be demonic activity in the forest as well, based on the strong EMF response.

Other claims of the forest is that gangland style executions have taken place here. Mr. Cobb, the man who once owned the land doesn't like it when people stand on his steps where his house once stood. Mr. Cobb's house turned into a spiritual retreat for nuns. It' rumored that one of the nuns was raped and hanged in this forest. Satanic rituals are said to have taken place here and is the reason for the forests hauntings. Also, there have been a few reports of sasquatch sightings. 

Mr. Cobbs steps and where his house once stood. A clown face has been seen here by a psychic. Also, the smell of rotten flesh has occured here as well. No animal carcasses or anything dead were found. The demonic likes to use repulsive tactics on the living. 

If you’re planning to go into The Haunted Forest, make sure you bring some flashlights and protection. Bring an EMF detector with you as this piece of equipment seems to be the most responsive in this forest. Finally, Ground and center before going in and be prepared for anything.


This EVP was captured at a place that we've given the title "The Demon Spot." Telling my story to a tour group of getting EMF spikes when I said the word demon, the EMF detector then started to spike right in front of them.  After playing this EVP for a psychic, she started to pick up on visions. She saw African American men in red shirts around a man that was kneeling down on the ground. It's believed that this was a gang that killed one of it's own. 


This was an Investigation of the Haunted Forest Cobb Estate in October 2012. There are many claims of paranormal activity in this forest, including some brutal history. Everything from gangland style executions to a nun being raped and hanged in this forest. In this video, you'll see the evidence we've gathered from this location. No EVP's were captured at Mr. Cobb's steps, but footsteps are often heard on his property. We did a Spirit Box Session at the top where the water tower is and got some amazing responses. Watch and enjoy!

SB7 Spirit Box Session