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Monday, August 8, 2016

Disneyland- Anaheim, CA

It’s the happiest place on earth. Disneyland has been serving the public now since 1955, putting smiles on millions with their state of the art park, thanks to Walt Disney. It’s also the happiest haunted place on earth. For over 60 years now, Disneyland has accumulated quite a bit of ghost stories, and paranormal sitings. Your favorite ride there just might have a ghost waiting for you.

Mr. One Way, is one of the spirits that haunts Disneyland. He is reportedly seen at Space Mountain. The rumor is, people have gone on the roller coaster by themselves, and are joined by a large man with red hair, and a red face. The ride will start with him sitting by their side. At the end of the ride, he is gone. A man had died on the Space Mountain ride back in the 1970's. People believe this is Mr. One Way.  He has also been seen in the Locker rooms. Joining his ghostly side, is Disco Debbie. A woman who died of an  aneurysm behind the Space Mountain building. She is described as a glowing green ghost inside of the ride.

It's A Small World is another big Disneyland attraction with an abundance of spooky stories. Rumor is, cast members that worked here loved the ride so much, that people feel that they came back here after they had died. The big story here, is the lights turn off and on by itself, along with the dolls dancing by themselves, long after the electricity had been turned off. Cast members also claim that the dolls switch places on their own, or completely disappear never to be seen again. 

Dolly Young is another spirit that haunts the happiest place on earth. She is at The Matterhorn on the Tomorrowland side (or the B side). Back in 1984, she was on the ride with a child in front of her. In the middle of the ride, she is said to have taken off her seatbelt to help the child in front of her. Unfortunately, her head had hit the bridge, and she had fallen onto the track. The next Bobsled came down shortly, and she was ran over by it. They had to take apart the track, to get her body out of there. On the ride, it is now known as Dolly's dip. One of the workers claimed that the lights at Dolly's dip never worked. Her presence could be felt, when the lights were being checked on. 

One of the most common ghost sightings is on The Pirates of the Caribbean Ride. At night, employees see a boy riding one of the boats on the surveillance cameras. When the ride is done, the boy is gone. People have also dumped human ash on this ride, numerous times. The transition tunnel, which is the darkest part of the ride, is said by the employees that there are odd noises, talking, and laughter when the ride is completely shut off. Also, there is one real human skull in the ride. The skull above the bed in the treasure/skeleton segment.

Similar stories are said at The Haunted Mansion (where else). A mothers son had died young. His favorite ride at Disneyland was The Haunted Mansion. Having her son cremated, she asked Disneyland if she could scatter the ashes on the ride. Of course, the park said no. However, she snuck the ashes in and did it anyway. At the end of the ride, people have reported hearing the sound of a little boy crying. Also, a pilot also resides at the Mansion. A plane crash had occurred in the 1940's before Disneyland existed.  He is known as the man with cane according to  seeksghosts.blogspot. One of the cast members saw him at Doom Buggy loading dock. Finally, when the mansion first opened in 1963, someone had died in the mansion of a heart attack, because it was too scary for them. It didn't open again until 1969. 

If you thought these were all the hauntings, think again. There's more. The ghost of a teen who tried to sneak into Disneyland back in 1966, was killed by the monorail. Guests have reported seeing him running along the tracks. A woman in a nightgown is seen on main st. afterdark. Apparently, her purpose is to guide lost kids to care center, where their parents can find them. In 1973, two brothers stayed after the park had closed on Tom Sawyer Island. They tried swimming across the river, but one of the brothers drowned. Casts members at times, see a struggle happening in the river, only to learn nothing is there. Another teenager had died on the people mover in the 1960's. He had a girlfriend with blonde hair. Girls with blonde hair mention that they have been touched by an unseen figure. 

Last but not least, non other than Walt Disney resides at his masterpiece. He had an apartment at the Fire Station on Main st. His light in the apartment remains on in his remembrance. One of the cast members back in 1966, was turning off this light, and heard a disembodied voice say "I am still here. He died in 1965 of lung cancer. However, it's rumored that his body is cryogenically frozen. 

Over the years, Disneyland has made sure to keep it as the happiest place on earth, improving things so accidents can be kept at minimum. Disneyland will never be complete. It'll always be growing, and expanding. Of course, this also means that the spirits will also continue to accumulate. Hopefully, just visitors that enjoyed Disneyland in their lifetime.



Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Graber Olive House- Ontario, CA

What kind of a business comes to mind, when it’s known that there has been one open since 1894 in the city of Ontario, CA? It couldn’t be a business that manufactures olives, could it? That’s precisely what Graber Olive House has done since 1894. For over a 100 years now, they have been producing, and manufacturing quality olives. 

The Franciscan missionaries from Spain are to thank for planting Olive trees at the Mission San Diego de Alcala in 1769. These trees prospered, and it became a tradition for Californians to set their tables with olives, because of their nutty flavor, and health benefits. C.C. Graber purchased the land that the olive house sits on today. After discovering olives, he began researching them, and eventually began curing his own barrels. That’s how the Graber Olive House began it’s business in 1894. Within it’s time span, it’s also gathered a respected reputation in the paranormal field.

Many claims, and sightings have occurred at this location. 4 children spirits have been seen here, the spirit of a woman named Inez that worked at Graber for 65 years, a spirit known as “The Creeper”, and even an alien known as the Graber Alien. The Loft, labeling area, museum, and Vat Room are all active with spirits. There’s also an old Ford T-Model truck around the olive house that is said to be active with ghosts as well. 

Back in 2014, we began our investigation of The Graber Olive House in the loft area, where the spirits of Luke and Mary are said to be. We had the Ovilus set to dictionary mode, and it began the session with “Store.” We were explaining to the spirits that the devices set up were like toys. With the response store, toy store comes to mind. Also, the woman Inez came to mind as well, since she worked at The Graber store for 65 years. Attempting to communicate with Inez, Adam then felt what felt like someone touching his arm, with no one around. When asked if someone touched his arm, the Ovilus responded with “Sent.” Later on in the session, we caught what appears to be an anomaly on video. The light comes from the bottom, and then disappears as it goes up. It could have been a bug, or a flashlight. Looking at the video though, it disappears as it continues to go up midway. Interestingly enough, the Ovilus says “Light” later on. 

We then moved onto the Vat Room. This is where the shadow spirit known as the Creeper has been seen. A few paranormal groups have been to this location, and caught this figure. It’s seen as a very dark shadow in the photographs. We began once again with the Ovilus, and it said “D”. A fellow investigators name is Dee. At this point in the investigation, we felt it was time to start doing a Spirit Box Session. Beginning, we asked if any spirits could point out where “The Creeper” was. They responded that they could. We then asked where the spirit was. A response came through either saying “Hi”, or “Hiding.” Again asking where the Creeper was, another response came through saying “Near you”, or “Who are you?” Later on in the spirit box session, we asked if any spirits could lead us to the creeper. Something came through and said “Graber.” Then, we asked if C.C. Graber was there, and something came through saying “Yes.” With these answers, it’s possible that the spirit of C.C. Graber, could find the creeper. 

After the spirit box session in the Vat Room, we decided not to use any equipment in there, and relax to let the spirits communicate when they want too. Doing this, we heard a consistent tapping, and scratching noise coming from the back of the room. We went to the back quietly, and cautiously. When we arrived at the back, the tapping/scratching noise went on for just a couple of more seconds. After that, it stopped, and nothing was in site. One of the claims of The Vat Room, is the claim of a ghost dog that roams around there. It may have been the spirit of that animal. 

In the museum, we got plenty of EMF activity going on with our K-II Meter. The spirits really responded when we talked about food. There was strong emotions being given off, talking about comfort foods. The strongest response was when mashed potatoes were brought up, followed by Thanksgiving foods. The K-II meters were going all the way to red, which is the highest it goes. The museum we felt had the most benevolent spirits. However, we did get one EVP on the digital recorder that sounded like “You killed him.”


Going into the Labeling Room, we decided to go back to the Spirit Box, along with a K-II meter, Rem Pod, and Ovilus. Claims of Black Magick, and Witchcraft were done here. Also, video footage of a child spirit named Jake, was seen playing with a ball here. When asked if those things were done in that area, a spirit came through saying “Pray.” Another voice came through later on in The Spirit Box Session saying “Kill him.” With the Spirit Box Session continuing, we got a lot of hits on the K-II Meter. After that, the investigation was over. 

Graber Olive House has been a successful business for many years now. 122 years of a running business is something to be proud of. It doesn’t hurt being a respected, haunted attraction as well in the paranormal field. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Glen Tavern Inn- Santa Paula, CA

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It’s a state of the art, historic hotel. It’s seen many of Hollywood’s faces such as Clark Gable, Steve McQueen, John Wayne, and Harry Houdini. It’s also a state of the art paranormal monument. Standing since 1911, The Glen Tavern Inn has been through quite a bit, from benefiting during the oil boom, to struggling during the prohibition era.  After standing for over 100 years, many sightings of paranormal activity are reported often. This might be due to the lack of documented information, when the 3rd floor had illegal activity going on.

On the first floor, there’s reports of a woman that is seen often. She’s been seen in the General Manager’s room in 106. She walked in one day, and vanished through the walls. She’s also been sighted in room 103 by Psychic Patrick Smith. He saw the woman taking care of someone who appeared to be ill in bed. The 2nd Floor of the hotel use to be used as a tuberculosis wing, back then. Perhaps the 1st floor was used as well. Visitors of the 2nd floor often report the sounds of children laughing and running around. More claims of the 2nd floor is that people often feel sleep paralysis.

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Most guests report of activity on the 3rd floor often. Back in the prohibition era, Glen Tavern’s 3rd floor was used as a Brothel, Gambling hall, and Speakeasy. The most talked about room is the infamous Room 307, where a prostitute was said to have been beheaded in the closet. A cowboy was also shot in the head in 307. The Cowboy could be a man named Calvin. Employees and guests feel that there is just something wrong with the room. He is also seen in the Hallways of the 3rd floor. Guests have seen him walk through the walls, and disappear. The hotel use to have his hat up on display. Unfortunately, the hat is gone now. It’s believed that one of the guests took the hat.

Room 308 also has many documentations of paranormal activity. It’s the main suite of the hotel. It also goes by The Houdini Suite, when Harry Houdini stayed here. A Latino paranormal group that visited the hotel, used an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) technique where they poured water to capture an EVP, and successfully did it. We decided to do the same technique when we stayed here. We weren’t expecting much, but ended up getting more than we bargain for. It started off, trying to communicate with the children spirits that roam throughout the hotel. When we focused our attention to Houdini, things started to act up. The moment we asked if he was here, an orb manifests on our camera phone in the middle of the screen, and shoots up. We do further research in the room that night, and do the water pouring technique to see what would happen. As we turned on the water faucet, while running the recorder, we caught an EVP saying “I need milk.” The EVP is significant, because only one team member knew about Houdini’s Milk Can Escape trick. It was also a credible capture, because the Milk Can Escape Trick was Houdini’s favorite. He called it “The best escape that I have ever invented.” Also, going outside of 308, one of our team members got some minor scratches.

@spydamonkii just got some minor scratches right now outside of Room 308. He just started feeling them out of no where....
Posted by S.I.U. The Supernatural Investigation Unit on Saturday, March 7, 2015

An additional room with activity was room 301. We didn't have much info on it, but felt we got some valuable data in this room when we were in there. We had a Rem-Pod on in the room, and it went off. We also had our Ovilus III running as well. Before the Rem-Pod went off, the Ovilus said the word "Disaster." After it said this, the Rem-Pod went off 3 times.  Perhaps a spirit was trying to notify us of a incident that happened in the room, when the 3rd floor had illegal activity going on. 

The Glen Tavern Inn continues to accumulate stories of spirit activity, as it continues to stand. As of today, it's one of many paranormal investigators favorite places to stay in the category of haunted hotels. More sightings at Glen Tavern are most definitely guaranteed.

Learning that #harryhoudini was in #room308 we asked if his presence was here. We told him we'd appreciate if he gave a...
Posted by S.I.U. The Supernatural Investigation Unit on Saturday, March 7, 2015

We're in room 308 right now investigating the suite. Harry Houdini stayed here when he was alive. We captured an EVP...
Posted by S.I.U. The Supernatural Investigation Unit on Saturday, March 7, 2015

  Glen Tavern Inn Nightmare by Adam Knoedler

I was at my house taking a shower. It was a cold day in the nightmare. Partly cloudy, with some heavy blue clouds. I finished my shower, and started walking around the house. I went into the kitchen to grab a snack, since I was a little hungry.  I finished my almonds, and walked into the living room. As I walked in, I looked out the main window, and saw this hearse parked outside of my house. 

There was a mortician in the driver sit stalking me. I couldn't make out his face, because he was completely covered in a shadow. I slowly walked backwards into the den, and for some reason started turning off all the lights, as if this was going to protect me from him. I then walked into the office in the back of the house to turn off the last light. As I did this, a feeling of relief came over me. It was then I turned around, and saw that the mortician had some how gotten into the house. I couldn't see him. He was a black figure so dark, I could see the outline of him. As soon as I turned around, he put his hand around my throat, and began to choke me. He had a strong grip, and I was loosing air fast. It was then, I plucked his hand away, and managed to give the mortician a palm heel strike to his face. The blow was strong enough to knock him out for the time being. I then turned on the light to the office, and came back to the mortician to confront him. I grabbed his suit, and pulled him into me, to see what he wanted with me. It was to my shock, that I learned that the mortician that was stocking me, was me. I suppose this was my doppleganger. 

The story behind dopplegangers is if you see it, you die. Then I woke up. Since that nightmare, nothing bad has happened. Another investigation of Glen Tavern was done 7 months later in October, it was again an active night. Glen Tavern is truly the most haunted hotel on the west coast.

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Monday, May 11, 2015

David Wayne Sconce, and Avalon Funeral Home- Pasadena/Altadena, CA

If you thought Pasadena, CA was not haunted ( or didn’t have horrific things happening at all), think again. We here at S.I.U. The Supernatural Investigation Unit, seem to keep attracting stories from around town. We didn’t think there was so much more to Pasadena, than we thought. For the longest time, we just thought Pasadena’s hauntings were the Colorado St. Bridge, and The Haunted Forest. It’s accumulated since we’ve started. Our newest creepy story comes from a former Pasadena Mortician named David Wayne Sconce.

This guy was apparently “the worst funeral director ever” according to Caleb Wilde, who runs the popular facebook page Confessions of a Funeral Director. He’s not talking about his skills. He means, he was extremely corrupt. I found this out on his blog about death facts. One of the pictures mentioned a Pasadena mortician ran an illegal crematory in Hesparia, CA. I didn’t think he meant Pasadena, CA. Sure enough, he did. It was disguised as a ceramics plant. Fortunately, a man called the police and told them he was smelling dead bodies. The station didn’t believe him. He then followed it up with “Don’t tell me I’m not smelling dead bodies! I was in Auschwitz!” Fair enough, right? Here’s part of an article from the Whittier Daily News.

“Oscar’s Ceramics on Darwin Road in Hesperia, a plant that purportedly was making ceramic panels for space stations, was instead a secret crematorium. Investigators on Jan. 20, 1987 found two large kilns, each more than half filled with the burning bodies of human beings. Human bones and ashes partially filled eight 55-gallon garbage cans. The thick, dark liquid of human body fats and oils covered the floor, running out the back door to a makeshift pit. Pasadena Crematorium, located in Mountain View Cemetery in Altadena. The Altadena crematorium was gutted by fire Nove. 23, 1986, yet the cremations credited to the facility continued. David Sconce was operating an unlicensed crematorium in Hesperia.”

That’s not the only bad thing he did. As a matter of fact, the list goes on.

-He sold body parts and organs. In the process of this, he counterfeited the organ donor consent forms.

-Authorized mass cremations.

-Had gangs beat rivaling morticians.

-Had a hitman target a business competitor who was going to purchase a rivaling crematiory facility.

-He had stolen gold denture teeth.

-Plead guilty on 21 accounts. Did a two and a half year sentence in jail.

Sconce’s parents were involved in his scandal. They ran The Lamb Funeral Home on Orange Grove Blvd. According to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, “The Lamb Funeral Home (the funeral home owned by Sconce) case led to a massive lawsuit that also involved 100 mortuaries that contracted with the funeral home for cremations. The $15.5 million suit in 1991 involved 20,000 relatives of people cremated at the funeral home.”

The Former Lamb Funeral Home is now the Avalon Funeral Home. However, it seems to be abandoned as of recent. As of right now, since we haven’t investigated the place, we have no evidence to say that it is haunted. All we can say as of right now, is that it is a potential haunting. We know the patterns of a haunting. With all the history of this building, there’s definitely spirits that are not at rest. We’re speaking in theory. The fact that it is abandoned now, says something. The history is disturbing, and it probably opened some negative doorways. Whenever bodies are not properly put to rest or the deceases wishes were not fulfilled, it causes the spirit to be stuck. I’m sure the spirits have some things they would like to say to Sconce and his parents.

It’s unfortunate that Mountain View Cemetery had to deal with Sconce as well. There has been reports of paranormal activity at the cemetery and the mausoleum’s. There’s been disembodied footsteps and voices in the Mountain View Mausoleum. One worker reported a man in a suit on the third floor. The worker said he was chased out by this man, turned around, and saw no one there. Wonder if these spirits are ones that had to deal with Sconce’s undertaking, and have something that they want to share with us. Perhaps some simple wishes to be fulfilled.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Rialto Historical Society- Rialto, CA

The city of Rialto has something known as “The Best Kept Secret of Rialto.” That secret is known as The Rialto Historical Society. Another secret that most people don’t know about this location, is it’s ghostly occupants.

One of the most talked about ghosts at this location, is the ghost of Kristina. A little girl who had died of leukemia. The Hendrickson’s, her family, purchased the property in order to save it. As of today, the museum is called the Kristina Dana Hendrickson Cultural Center. Her ashes were found in the church, and are said to be in the basement. According to a blog, it was mentioned that three seances were done in order to cross her over to the other side. However, on our investigation, we believed she came by to visit.

We had went into her room, and brought her a stuffed kitten, and ball to play with. Setting up the Rem-Pod and K-II meter, we were getting EMF hits when we were rolling the ball towards the EMF detectors. A spirit seemed present. We asked if it was Kristina, and the K-II started spiking. One of our team members had touched the rem-pod by mistake, and the K-II spiked again. We asked if she thought it was funny that we had made a mistake. The K-II once again, gave an intelligent response. By the end of the session, we had asked if we should go to another room. The EMF detector spiked once again.

 To the left of Kristina’s room is the stairway. One of the most talk about captures of this loaction, is the ghost of a woman that was caught on these stairs. Richard McInnis of RHS (Rialto Historical Society) caught a photo of a spirit that was standing on the stairway. He didn’t know it at the time. A few days after the photo was taken, the historian John Anthony Adams, was giving a tour to elementary school kids. He didn’t say anything about the image that was captured. Later on in the tour, four of the students screamed, and said they had seen a ghost. She had black hair, and was wearing a white victorian dress. The spirit was standing in the same spot where the photo was captured. The police have also seen this woman. There are nights when security alarms go off, and local police are pulled to the location. Two different policemen have said they saw a woman in a victorian dress, standing at the top of the stairs.

In the Groom’s room, we were informed by Richard, that there’s a spirit there that doesn’t like it when women are in the room. That same spirit also doesn’t like it when people sit in the leather chair. He had said that investigators were reporting feeling sick, and drained from sitting in the chair. Being a believer in the paranormal myself, I was actually skeptical of this claim. So, when we began our investigation of RHS, I had to test out the chair. It turns out, that the chair claim (at least in my case) was accurate. I did this in two investigations of RHS. The first time, my energy was completely drained. I was laying down through about 85% of the investigation. I went in wanting to hunt ghosts. After sitting in the chair, I just wanted to go to sleep. In our second investigation, I didn’t sit in the chair until near the end of investigation. While running spirit box, I lied down on the floor once again. Before the spirit box session, we got out the ovilus. The ovilus mentioned that the chair was a trap. I’d have to say by now that that would be an accurate claim.

 Other paranormal claims of The Rialto Historical Society include a vortex in the building, Apparitions that have been seen sitting on the pews in the church,  and the ghost of a bride in the bride’s room (where else?). The location has been standing now since 1907. What do you think of the best kept secret in Rialto, CA now?

Monday, December 29, 2014

The Aztec Hotel- Monrovia, CA

When you’re driving down Foothill blvd. in Monrovia, CA, you can’t help but notice a building with an interesting aztec like architecture. Coincidentally enough, this building is known as the Aztec Hotel. Passing by, you see the blue sign lit up saying Aztec Hotel with no one in there.  Although, the hotel has struggled with business, this building is one of Monrovia’s most historic landmarks. It’s been around since 1925. However, it is also known for it’s paranormal claims, and dark history.

This building is well known for being a route 66 attraction. Over the years, it’s also been known as a gambling hall, speak-easy, mob hangout, brothel, and a halfway house. This part of Monrovia at the time, was known for it’s drugs, and high crime rate. The Aztec Hotel is known for it’s female spirits. The most notorious one is a ghost known as Razzle Dazzle.” The other spirits are said to visit the women’s restroom quite often. The other spirits are said to roam the hallways, giving the air a chilly atmosphere. They’re probably the spirits of the women who were there when it was a brothel.

One paranormal group known as CSGR investigated here back in 2004. They had a psychic with them that claimed there was a portal in a room known as “The Green Room.” This portal was acting as a doorway for the spirits to come through The Aztec Hotel. It was given this name, because of the rooms green carpet. This room is in the basement area of the building. The hotel workers had been reporting hearing unusual sounds from this area, along with the sound of a dog growling. They had also found a bible with candles in the room. The candles were not used, but it’s still interesting to note they were in this room.

The Aztec Hotel is well known for it’s haunted room 120. In this room, an actress (Some people believe she was a prostitute), cracked her head open on the radiator of the room during the throws of passion. She was making love to her husband (or client) when the incident occurred. Strangely, rooms 118, 116, and 114 have not had any heat from their radiators since the event happened, according to the Aztec Hotel Monrovia website. Again, these systems have been checked and were supposedly in good working order.

There is a male ghost here that is known as Bob. According to the paranormal group CSGR, he was suppose to haunt room 128. However, their psychic picked up that he did not just stay at Room 128, but frequented throughout the hotel. The spirit (no pun intended) is said to be in a drunken state. The psychic also said that his name isn’t really Bob, but calls himself that anyway.

As of right now, the Aztec owners have been intending to reopen the hotel. They’ve undergone renovations since 2013. However, according to Pasadena Star News James Figueroa, it seems that little has gone according to plan to get the hotel/restaurant up and running and again. Perhaps it’s the hotels hauntings that keep these plans stagnant.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Pasadena Playhouse Pasadena, CA

The Pasadena Playhouse is one of the city’s oldest buildings. If you’re looking for a night of quality entertainment, look no further. The Pasadena Playhouse is the place to go. If you’re looking for some ghostly activity, the Playhouse can help fulfill those needs as well. The theater’s original owner, Gilmor Brown, is said to haunt this historic landmark, pulling pranks, and correcting actors, along with other spirits. 

It all started in 1917. Brown had a group called the Gilmor Brown Players. At the time, Pasadena was a small town of farmers and rich vacationers. The group was performing in an old burlesque house at the time. Luckily, Pasadena loved their performances. Fans and the town donated to them, and they were able to move out, and move into the Pasadena Playhouse in 1924. At the time, it was known as the Pasadena Community Playhouse. It was the most advanced theater on the west side of the Mississippi. With all the success of the group and the city, George Bernard Shaw called Pasadena “The Athens of the West.”

Brown was the artistic director of the Playhouse. He was quite the perfectionist. If something was wrong, he would have his actors do it until it was right. He got this cue from his cat. Usually, the cat would turn it’s back to the stage if a scene was being done incorrectly. Brown took this as a sign to adjust the scene. When it was corrected, the cat would turn back around. He died in 1960, but he is still correcting actors in rehearsal to this day. The stage lights flicker in the Playhouse when no one is in there. Props disappear and reappear in a completely different part of the theater. Doors lock and unlock by themselves. Disembodied footsteps can be heard throughout the theater. The list of claims continue to grow. 

There are more claims of paranormal activity besides Gilmor Brown roaming around the playhouse. Aside the playhouse, is the Carrie Hamilton Theater. The workers feel that this is the creepiest part of the playhouse. We investigated the whole place back in July, and it definitely has some unexplained things going on. We were getting some high EMF readings in the loft next to the Carrie Hamilton, and caught an amazing photo. It was done a slow shutter speed, and you can see us moving around in the picture. However, we have no explanation for this particular shot. There’s what appears to be an eye in the shot. A musician that was performing in the Carrie Hamilton, had seen a woman in a yellow dress, and heard her crying. When he entered the room, the crying stopped and no one was there. In this photo, the eye looks reddish, just like when a person cries. It’s possible that this is the woman in the yellow dress crying that we heard about. We also caught an EVP in the theater. It’s a little difficult to make out, but the voice is definitely there. It sounds like it’s saying “Jess.” The rest is hard to hear. 

On the third floor, is the library/VIP Room. This use to be Gilmor Brown’s office. The rumor is he doesn’t like it when people are at his desk. In addition to this, there’s a “Haunted trash can.” It sounds silly, but a couple of paranormal groups have seen this trash can move by itself. Also, there’s a ghost of a cat that is said to be in there. Probably Brown’s cat, when he use to have his pet with him while watching rehearsals. 

On the Main Stage, activity seems to amp up whenever any kind of performance is happening. One of the groups had someone singing a variety of different musicals, and had a lot of their paranormal investigation equipment go off. When we were being given a tour, I had a feeling that if I left my recorder on the entire time, I’d get something. We got a voice on the main stage. Two of the theater workers, Kristen and Brandon, were giving us the tour and noticed something was out of place. When that happened, a voice of a little boy comes in on our digital recorder and says “Get us out.” 

Pasadena Playhouse EVP Main Stage

The prop loft is behind the stage. Kristen had an experience at this location. She claims that she’s the first one their at 9:00 a.m. Everyone else that works at the playhouse doesn’t get there until 10:00 a.m. At 9:00 a.m. when she arrived, she heard a woman in heels in the prop loft walking around. She then added in, that the current prop mistress never wears heels. We didn’t pick up on anything, but it does have a spooky vibe, with somewhat uncomfortable energy. There’s a good amount of dark areas in this part of theater. 

Down in the Green Room, it’s reported that rooms number 4 and 6 are haunted. Actors have complained the most about these rooms, and say they have been touched when no one else is in there. The lights also turn on by themselves in these rooms. Down the hall in the shower rooms, one performer claimed that someone was touching his hair in the shower. Down the hall in the wardrobe room, which use to be the costume room, people have said they’ve seen spirits of women making costumes. 

The Pasadena Playhouse is definitely a grand stage in the theater industry. It also looks like it’s a grand stage in the paranormal field as well. Unexplained things continue to accumulate at the location. What’s next for the Playhouse?