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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Graber Olive House- Ontario, CA

What kind of a business comes to mind, when it’s known that there has been one open since 1894 in the city of Ontario, CA? It couldn’t be a business that manufactures olives, could it? That’s precisely what Graber Olive House has done since 1894. For over a 100 years now, they have been producing, and manufacturing quality olives. 

The Franciscan missionaries from Spain are to thank for planting Olive trees at the Mission San Diego de Alcala in 1769. These trees prospered, and it became a tradition for Californians to set their tables with olives, because of their nutty flavor, and health benefits. C.C. Graber purchased the land that the olive house sits on today. After discovering olives, he began researching them, and eventually began curing his own barrels. That’s how the Graber Olive House began it’s business in 1894. Within it’s time span, it’s also gathered a respected reputation in the paranormal field.

Many claims, and sightings have occurred at this location. 4 children spirits have been seen here, the spirit of a woman named Inez that worked at Graber for 65 years, a spirit known as “The Creeper”, and even an alien known as the Graber Alien. The Loft, labeling area, museum, and Vat Room are all active with spirits. There’s also an old Ford T-Model truck around the olive house that is said to be active with ghosts as well. 

Back in 2014, we began our investigation of The Graber Olive House in the loft area, where the spirits of Luke and Mary are said to be. We had the Ovilus set to dictionary mode, and it began the session with “Store.” We were explaining to the spirits that the devices set up were like toys. With the response store, toy store comes to mind. Also, the woman Inez came to mind as well, since she worked at The Graber store for 65 years. Attempting to communicate with Inez, Adam then felt what felt like someone touching his arm, with no one around. When asked if someone touched his arm, the Ovilus responded with “Sent.” Later on in the session, we caught what appears to be an anomaly on video. The light comes from the bottom, and then disappears as it goes up. It could have been a bug, or a flashlight. Looking at the video though, it disappears as it continues to go up midway. Interestingly enough, the Ovilus says “Light” later on. 

We then moved onto the Vat Room. This is where the shadow spirit known as the Creeper has been seen. A few paranormal groups have been to this location, and caught this figure. It’s seen as a very dark shadow in the photographs. We began once again with the Ovilus, and it said “D”. A fellow investigators name is Dee. At this point in the investigation, we felt it was time to start doing a Spirit Box Session. Beginning, we asked if any spirits could point out where “The Creeper” was. They responded that they could. We then asked where the spirit was. A response came through either saying “Hi”, or “Hiding.” Again asking where the Creeper was, another response came through saying “Near you”, or “Who are you?” Later on in the spirit box session, we asked if any spirits could lead us to the creeper. Something came through and said “Graber.” Then, we asked if C.C. Graber was there, and something came through saying “Yes.” With these answers, it’s possible that the spirit of C.C. Graber, could find the creeper. 

After the spirit box session in the Vat Room, we decided not to use any equipment in there, and relax to let the spirits communicate when they want too. Doing this, we heard a consistent tapping, and scratching noise coming from the back of the room. We went to the back quietly, and cautiously. When we arrived at the back, the tapping/scratching noise went on for just a couple of more seconds. After that, it stopped, and nothing was in site. One of the claims of The Vat Room, is the claim of a ghost dog that roams around there. It may have been the spirit of that animal. 

In the museum, we got plenty of EMF activity going on with our K-II Meter. The spirits really responded when we talked about food. There was strong emotions being given off, talking about comfort foods. The strongest response was when mashed potatoes were brought up, followed by Thanksgiving foods. The K-II meters were going all the way to red, which is the highest it goes. The museum we felt had the most benevolent spirits. However, we did get one EVP on the digital recorder that sounded like “You killed him.”


Going into the Labeling Room, we decided to go back to the Spirit Box, along with a K-II meter, Rem Pod, and Ovilus. Claims of Black Magick, and Witchcraft were done here. Also, video footage of a child spirit named Jake, was seen playing with a ball here. When asked if those things were done in that area, a spirit came through saying “Pray.” Another voice came through later on in The Spirit Box Session saying “Kill him.” With the Spirit Box Session continuing, we got a lot of hits on the K-II Meter. After that, the investigation was over. 

Graber Olive House has been a successful business for many years now. 122 years of a running business is something to be proud of. It doesn’t hurt being a respected, haunted attraction as well in the paranormal field.