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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Rialto Historical Society- Rialto, CA

The city of Rialto has something known as “The Best Kept Secret of Rialto.” That secret is known as The Rialto Historical Society. Another secret that most people don’t know about this location, is it’s ghostly occupants.

One of the most talked about ghosts at this location, is the ghost of Kristina. A little girl who had died of leukemia. The Hendrickson’s, her family, purchased the property in order to save it. As of today, the museum is called the Kristina Dana Hendrickson Cultural Center. Her ashes were found in the church, and are said to be in the basement. According to a blog, it was mentioned that three seances were done in order to cross her over to the other side. However, on our investigation, we believed she came by to visit.

We had went into her room, and brought her a stuffed kitten, and ball to play with. Setting up the Rem-Pod and K-II meter, we were getting EMF hits when we were rolling the ball towards the EMF detectors. A spirit seemed present. We asked if it was Kristina, and the K-II started spiking. One of our team members had touched the rem-pod by mistake, and the K-II spiked again. We asked if she thought it was funny that we had made a mistake. The K-II once again, gave an intelligent response. By the end of the session, we had asked if we should go to another room. The EMF detector spiked once again.

 To the left of Kristina’s room is the stairway. One of the most talk about captures of this loaction, is the ghost of a woman that was caught on these stairs. Richard McInnis of RHS (Rialto Historical Society) caught a photo of a spirit that was standing on the stairway. He didn’t know it at the time. A few days after the photo was taken, the historian John Anthony Adams, was giving a tour to elementary school kids. He didn’t say anything about the image that was captured. Later on in the tour, four of the students screamed, and said they had seen a ghost. She had black hair, and was wearing a white victorian dress. The spirit was standing in the same spot where the photo was captured. The police have also seen this woman. There are nights when security alarms go off, and local police are pulled to the location. Two different policemen have said they saw a woman in a victorian dress, standing at the top of the stairs.

In the Groom’s room, we were informed by Richard, that there’s a spirit there that doesn’t like it when women are in the room. That same spirit also doesn’t like it when people sit in the leather chair. He had said that investigators were reporting feeling sick, and drained from sitting in the chair. Being a believer in the paranormal myself, I was actually skeptical of this claim. So, when we began our investigation of RHS, I had to test out the chair. It turns out, that the chair claim (at least in my case) was accurate. I did this in two investigations of RHS. The first time, my energy was completely drained. I was laying down through about 85% of the investigation. I went in wanting to hunt ghosts. After sitting in the chair, I just wanted to go to sleep. In our second investigation, I didn’t sit in the chair until near the end of investigation. While running spirit box, I lied down on the floor once again. Before the spirit box session, we got out the ovilus. The ovilus mentioned that the chair was a trap. I’d have to say by now that that would be an accurate claim.

 Other paranormal claims of The Rialto Historical Society include a vortex in the building, Apparitions that have been seen sitting on the pews in the church,  and the ghost of a bride in the bride’s room (where else?). The location has been standing now since 1907. What do you think of the best kept secret in Rialto, CA now?