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Monday, December 29, 2014

The Aztec Hotel- Monrovia, CA

When you’re driving down Foothill blvd. in Monrovia, CA, you can’t help but notice a building with an interesting aztec like architecture. Coincidentally enough, this building is known as the Aztec Hotel. Passing by, you see the blue sign lit up saying Aztec Hotel with no one in there.  Although, the hotel has struggled with business, this building is one of Monrovia’s most historic landmarks. It’s been around since 1925. However, it is also known for it’s paranormal claims, and dark history.

This building is well known for being a route 66 attraction. Over the years, it’s also been known as a gambling hall, speak-easy, mob hangout, brothel, and a halfway house. This part of Monrovia at the time, was known for it’s drugs, and high crime rate. The Aztec Hotel is known for it’s female spirits. The most notorious one is a ghost known as Razzle Dazzle.” The other spirits are said to visit the women’s restroom quite often. The other spirits are said to roam the hallways, giving the air a chilly atmosphere. They’re probably the spirits of the women who were there when it was a brothel.

One paranormal group known as CSGR investigated here back in 2004. They had a psychic with them that claimed there was a portal in a room known as “The Green Room.” This portal was acting as a doorway for the spirits to come through The Aztec Hotel. It was given this name, because of the rooms green carpet. This room is in the basement area of the building. The hotel workers had been reporting hearing unusual sounds from this area, along with the sound of a dog growling. They had also found a bible with candles in the room. The candles were not used, but it’s still interesting to note they were in this room.

The Aztec Hotel is well known for it’s haunted room 120. In this room, an actress (Some people believe she was a prostitute), cracked her head open on the radiator of the room during the throws of passion. She was making love to her husband (or client) when the incident occurred. Strangely, rooms 118, 116, and 114 have not had any heat from their radiators since the event happened, according to the Aztec Hotel Monrovia website. Again, these systems have been checked and were supposedly in good working order.

There is a male ghost here that is known as Bob. According to the paranormal group CSGR, he was suppose to haunt room 128. However, their psychic picked up that he did not just stay at Room 128, but frequented throughout the hotel. The spirit (no pun intended) is said to be in a drunken state. The psychic also said that his name isn’t really Bob, but calls himself that anyway.

As of right now, the Aztec owners have been intending to reopen the hotel. They’ve undergone renovations since 2013. However, according to Pasadena Star News James Figueroa, it seems that little has gone according to plan to get the hotel/restaurant up and running and again. Perhaps it’s the hotels hauntings that keep these plans stagnant.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Pasadena Playhouse Pasadena, CA

The Pasadena Playhouse is one of the city’s oldest buildings. If you’re looking for a night of quality entertainment, look no further. The Pasadena Playhouse is the place to go. If you’re looking for some ghostly activity, the Playhouse can help fulfill those needs as well. The theater’s original owner, Gilmor Brown, is said to haunt this historic landmark, pulling pranks, and correcting actors, along with other spirits. 

It all started in 1917. Brown had a group called the Gilmor Brown Players. At the time, Pasadena was a small town of farmers and rich vacationers. The group was performing in an old burlesque house at the time. Luckily, Pasadena loved their performances. Fans and the town donated to them, and they were able to move out, and move into the Pasadena Playhouse in 1924. At the time, it was known as the Pasadena Community Playhouse. It was the most advanced theater on the west side of the Mississippi. With all the success of the group and the city, George Bernard Shaw called Pasadena “The Athens of the West.”

Brown was the artistic director of the Playhouse. He was quite the perfectionist. If something was wrong, he would have his actors do it until it was right. He got this cue from his cat. Usually, the cat would turn it’s back to the stage if a scene was being done incorrectly. Brown took this as a sign to adjust the scene. When it was corrected, the cat would turn back around. He died in 1960, but he is still correcting actors in rehearsal to this day. The stage lights flicker in the Playhouse when no one is in there. Props disappear and reappear in a completely different part of the theater. Doors lock and unlock by themselves. Disembodied footsteps can be heard throughout the theater. The list of claims continue to grow. 

There are more claims of paranormal activity besides Gilmor Brown roaming around the playhouse. Aside the playhouse, is the Carrie Hamilton Theater. The workers feel that this is the creepiest part of the playhouse. We investigated the whole place back in July, and it definitely has some unexplained things going on. We were getting some high EMF readings in the loft next to the Carrie Hamilton, and caught an amazing photo. It was done a slow shutter speed, and you can see us moving around in the picture. However, we have no explanation for this particular shot. There’s what appears to be an eye in the shot. A musician that was performing in the Carrie Hamilton, had seen a woman in a yellow dress, and heard her crying. When he entered the room, the crying stopped and no one was there. In this photo, the eye looks reddish, just like when a person cries. It’s possible that this is the woman in the yellow dress crying that we heard about. We also caught an EVP in the theater. It’s a little difficult to make out, but the voice is definitely there. It sounds like it’s saying “Jess.” The rest is hard to hear. 

On the third floor, is the library/VIP Room. This use to be Gilmor Brown’s office. The rumor is he doesn’t like it when people are at his desk. In addition to this, there’s a “Haunted trash can.” It sounds silly, but a couple of paranormal groups have seen this trash can move by itself. Also, there’s a ghost of a cat that is said to be in there. Probably Brown’s cat, when he use to have his pet with him while watching rehearsals. 

On the Main Stage, activity seems to amp up whenever any kind of performance is happening. One of the groups had someone singing a variety of different musicals, and had a lot of their paranormal investigation equipment go off. When we were being given a tour, I had a feeling that if I left my recorder on the entire time, I’d get something. We got a voice on the main stage. Two of the theater workers, Kristen and Brandon, were giving us the tour and noticed something was out of place. When that happened, a voice of a little boy comes in on our digital recorder and says “Get us out.” 

Pasadena Playhouse EVP Main Stage

The prop loft is behind the stage. Kristen had an experience at this location. She claims that she’s the first one their at 9:00 a.m. Everyone else that works at the playhouse doesn’t get there until 10:00 a.m. At 9:00 a.m. when she arrived, she heard a woman in heels in the prop loft walking around. She then added in, that the current prop mistress never wears heels. We didn’t pick up on anything, but it does have a spooky vibe, with somewhat uncomfortable energy. There’s a good amount of dark areas in this part of theater. 

Down in the Green Room, it’s reported that rooms number 4 and 6 are haunted. Actors have complained the most about these rooms, and say they have been touched when no one else is in there. The lights also turn on by themselves in these rooms. Down the hall in the shower rooms, one performer claimed that someone was touching his hair in the shower. Down the hall in the wardrobe room, which use to be the costume room, people have said they’ve seen spirits of women making costumes. 

The Pasadena Playhouse is definitely a grand stage in the theater industry. It also looks like it’s a grand stage in the paranormal field as well. Unexplained things continue to accumulate at the location. What’s next for the Playhouse?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Los Feliz Murder Mansion- Los Angeles, CA

Would you live in a Murder Mansion? There’s a house on the hilltop of Los Feliz on Glendower Place, that hasn’t been occupied since December, 6, 1959. It’s simply known as “The Los Feliz Murder House.” 

A year after the incident, Julian and Emily Enriquez, had purchased the mansion. However, they never lived in it. They just use the house for storage. Neighbors have seen them bringing boxes to the house, but they’ve never stayed in it. In 1994, their son Rudy inherited the house. Rudy, has also never lived in the house. The mansion has remained the same since the night of the murders. 

It was December 6, 1959. Physician Dr. Harold Perelson had just gotten home from work, and had dinner with his family. He had three children and a wife. His wife’s name was Lillian, and his three children were Judye, Debbie, and Joel. Judye was the oldest, Debbie the middle child, and Joel was the youngest. After watching some TV, the kids went to bed. The killings are believed to have happened an hour later. 

The Perelson Family 

The neighbors had nothing but good things to say about Dr. Perelson. Apparently, he was a nice and kind man. Then, that December night came along. When the younger children went to bed, Harold went to the garage and got a hammer. He went to the bedroom with that hammer, where Lillian was reading. He had walked over to her bedside and asked her a question. When she looked up, she saw her husband with the hammer and was struck to the point where her skull were in fragments. 

Judye came across her dead mother in her bed. The blood was spattered on the wall paper. Dr. Perleson then turned the hammer on Judye, and struck her. Luckily, she was able to raise her forearm to lessen the impact of the hammer. She tired to get away, but slipped on the carpet, that was soaked in her mother’s blood. He then took her daughter’s head and slammed it into the floor. She was hit with another blow from the hammer. 

Harold had gone to his two younger children’s bedroom. Judye was still alive, managed to get out of the house, and got the help of a nearby neighbor. While Dr. Perelson was in Josh and Debbie’s room, he was explaining to them that they were just having a nightmare and told them to go back to bed. While, Judye was at the neighbor’s house, they saw the damage to Judye’s head and got a hold of the police. 

When they got a hold of the police, the authorities rushed to the house. Within that time frame, Dr. Perelson sat in his chair, opened up a bottle of acid, and drank it. He was dead when the police arrived on the seen. The children were okay, and were comforted. The motive for the murders remains a mystery to this day. It’s believed that he may have been going through financial difficulties, stressed about his work, or that he was institutionalized. The family has already said that he wasn’t institutionalized. No one knows for sure. The answer might just be in the energy of the house. 

Today, there are no trespassing signs to the house. However, people have gotten up close of the house anyway, and have gotten pictures inside the house through the windows. The furniture is the same as it was, with some drop clothes over it. You can also see the storage. The owner Rudy, has 2 cats that live there. He says that he goes there often to feed them. People say that the house is haunted, but not much detail is given. Hopefully, this house will be open to investigations in the paranormal field soon. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Turnbull Canyon Whittier/Hacienda Heights, CA

Turnbull Canyon, another great hiking trail in Los Angeles County in between Hacienda Heights, and Whittier is a favorite to hikers, fitness gurus, and mountain bikers. On the roads, it’s a definite favorite to guys that like to race. However, there’s a more dark, and sinister side to the canyon. There’s the Mountain Lions and the rattlesnakes. There’s also the history of gruesome events of satanic rituals, ghosts, hangings, kidnappings, KKK meetings, and even a gravity hill. There’s even claims seeing UFO/Extraterrestrial  activity take place here. 

It all started with The Native American tribe, the Gabrielino Indians. They believed that the land was forbidden ground and called it “Hutukngna”, which means “The Dark Place” or even, “The Place of The Devil.” Apparently, these were battlegrounds for Native American Wars. They were forced to change into Catholicism by the Spanish. Back then, the Spanish killed anybody that didn’t convert to Catholicism. These events may have happened at Turnbull Canyon, and could be one of the many reasons for the Canyon’s hauntings. Some people have said that they have heard war drums in the Canyon. Some people believe that these spirits have returned to their sacred ground to find peace. 

In 1845, two men became historic figures in the canyon’s history. John Rowland and William Workman. They immigrated from Taos, New Mexico, where they ran a fur-trapping business. Workman had helped Governor Pio Pico, to get rid of another governor who was disliked. In return, 49,000 acres of land was given to Workman and Rowland. The Gabrielino Indians didn’t like Workman, and constantly invaded his property. This caused him to dig an underground living space for his families protection.  Later on, the Indians actually worked for him. During this time, Indians reported seeing witches and ghosts. Unfortunately, Workman was involved in a plot to illegally take over the governor’s spot. The same one who gave him his land. As a result, karma caught up to him. He lost most of his 49,000 acres, and was left with Turnbull Canyon. This all lead to a financial downfall, followed by Workman shooting himself in 1876.

During the Great Depression, the Canyon started to be used for strange satanic activity. Many families during this era had to give their children up to orphanages. There was a cult that would adopt the children from these orphanages and slaughter them in the canyon. They eventually started kidnapping children. Then, the cult mysteriously vanished. People that have been to Turnbull Canyon at night, have seen hooded figures  roaming on the trails. Some people have seen bonfires in the canyons, as well. Witnesses have reported seeing ghosts of children. These are probably the victims used in the rituals. 

In the 1930’s there use to be a mental hospital located in the canyon somewhere. It had a good run, until the 1940’s when it burned down. In 1962, a group of friends were partying in the ruins of the hospital one night. One of the boys saw one of the electroshock devices that were used when the hospital was active. He picked it up and was electrocuted. The voltage was strong enough to kill him. Apparently, the electricity had been shut off since the fires had happened 20 years earlier. 

The most notable incident that happened here, was in 2002. A girl named Gloria Gaxiola was murdered on Turnbull Canyon Road. She was shot to death, and dragged 4 miles down Turnbull Canyon Rd. Thankfully, the police found the killers and are now serving justice. Other incidents of Turnbull Canyon, are a plane crash that happened in the 1950’s, and a hanging tree. The plane crashed in the canyon. 29 victims were in the plane. What’s scary is that it's rumored that there were 21 children in this plane crash. It’s as if the spirits that were conjured up by the satanists caused this to happen. The hanging tree is given that name due to a man that was hanged at that tree. Witnesses have said that you see this man hanging from the tree, at the time of when his death happened (Uncertain of the time as of now.)  

Turnbull Canyon is quite the nature walk during the day. At night though, all the hidden secrets of the canyon come out. Apparently, the canyon is closed at night, due to what has happened there. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Rialto Theater- South Pasadena, CA
In South Pasadena, CA, on the old route 66, there’s a historic landmark that’s been there for over 80 years. It was the city’s top entertainment venue for many years. That is until it closed down in 2007. The Rialto Theater is a big part of South Pasadena’s history. Apparently, it’s also a good spot if you’re looking for a haunted building. Many paranormal teams that have been in there, believe that it is haunted. 

It opened on October 17, 1925. The picture “What Happened to Jones” premiered that evening. Before the movie started, Vaudeville acts were offered to the audience, followed by trapeze artists. The Vaudeville acts were popular up until the 1930’s. The admission back in the day was $0.30 cents. The theater helped people during The Great Depression. It was able to generate business by offering it’s customers prizes. In it’s time period, The Rialto suffered two fires. There was one in the 1930’s and one in 1968. Each time, the theater was brought back to it’s feet.
Since it’s had a long history, it makes sense that the Rialto has accumulated some ghosts. There are rumors that people have died in the theater. The most notorious one is of the girl of committed suicide in the girls bathroom, slitting her own wrists. She went on up to the balcony where she collapsed and died. There have been reports from staff and visitors of the stalls shaking in the girls bathroom, where the girl took her life. 

Not only are there human spirits residing in the theater, there is also the ghost of a cat there as well. Apparently, back in the day, the theater’s mascot was a cat. This cat walked around the old movie house and brushed up against the customers legs. It would also walk in front of the movie screen. People claim that the cat still quietly walks around the theater and appears with some kind of red light in front of the theater.

There’s another story of a man who went crazy in the projector booth. There’s a ghost of an older man in the Rialto, that’s seen throughout the building. He’s sitting in different seats, and walks up the balcony and back down. Another rumor is that someone saw a dark figure come down from the front of the movie screen, and started walking down the isle. When he reaches the lobby, he’s gone. The body language of the spirit seems to suggest that it could be the man that went crazy.
Additional paranormal sightings of The Rialto Theater include, anomalies in photographs that are taken, the feeling of uneasiness coming over people, and disembodied voices. It’s possible that the O.T.O. (Ordo Templi Orientis) did rituals in the theater. The rituals may have opened something in the girls bathroom. It’s possible that that was the reason why the girl took her life away. I’m judging that based on a paranormal groups results from the location. 

You can help The Rialto Theater open it’s doors again by going to You can also like them on Facebook 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

The David Oman House- Beverly Hills, CA
Los Angeles is one of the greatest cities in the United States. It’s also one of the strangest and one of the most haunted. From the Roosevelt Hotel, to the Hollywood sign, to The Linda Vista Community Hospital, it’s a hard to say that there’s nothing paranormal in LA. As of recently, it seems that Los Angeles has gotten even stranger. It’s a house on Cielo Drive in Benedict Canyon that has an abundance of paranormal activity. Today, it is best known as The David Oman House. It’s best known for the Manson murders that took place 200 feet away from the house in the late 1960’s

It was a tragic day on August 9, 1969. Sharon Tate, Actress and Wife of Director Roman Polanski (Best known for his horror movie classic, Rosemary’s Baby), was 8 months pregnant with her first child. Polanski was out of town at the time. That night, she was brutally murdered along with four others at the house. She was 26 years old. The home was targeted by Manson because he failed to get some sort of recording deal from a producer that used to live at the home. One paranormal investigator saw a spirit of a pregnant woman walking down the street, bleeding. A week later, the investigator was out picking up groceries and fainted at the store. She felt the same feeling at the store, she felt when she saw the spirit. She believes it was the ghost of Sharon Tate.

David Oman has recently produced a movie documentary about the paranormal activity that has been going on in his house. It’s called The House at The End of the Drive. Since producing this film, Oman feels that the spirits have really reached out to him. One of those spirits is the ghost of Sharon Tate. He claims that “I communicate with her, more than she communicates with me.” There is also Native American spirits since the  land also use to be Native American. 

Oman feels that one of his rooms has a dark energy around it. It’s exposed to the hillside, meaning that the room has part of the hill there. It’s known as “The Raw Mountain.” Many psychics that have come by this room, have picked up on a Native American on a horse back that’s buried there. Psychic/Medium Mark nelson, claims that there’s multiple Native American spirits on the property. There’s a tablet on a rock in the area that says a battle took place around the area. It says “This tablet marks the site of a battle between the Indians and early Californian’s. 

The big theory of David Oman’s house, is the reason that there’s so much paranormal activity around the property, is because it’s part of a geomagnetic anomaly site. The geomagnetic field around that area is 5-60 times more than a normal one. Dr. Barry Taff, parapsychologist found this out. In 2005-2006, he had been to the house twenty times. The first time he went, he fainted. The other times that he went, he got extremely ill. After all of his visits to The Oman house, he had decided he had had enough. He has not returned since then and stays as far away from it as possible. An interesting thing about this geomagnetic site, is that the Indians saw this as sacred ground. This could explain the Native American spirits on the property. 

Other claims of the house are disembodied voices when no one is there, unexplained anomalies on camera, a guest being lifted off of the guest bedroom, and David’s figurines on the aquarium always falling down with no explanation. With David Oman’s house being added on to LA’s paranormal map, the city has definitely gotten much stranger.

Another interesting capture we got at David Oman's House. This shot was done on a tripod at ISO100 F9 30 sec exposure. No movement.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Devil's Gate Dam Pasadena/La Canada, CA

The name says it all. When you hear of Devil’s Gate Dam in Pasadena, California, it immediately grabs your attention and you’re thinking to yourself why it’s called that. The Dam is located on what is known as The Devil’s Gate the portion of the Arroyo Seco off the 210 Freeway near La Canada.

This story started out with my interest in investigating the dam. I was there just before sunset to scout out the place so I knew where I was going when nightfall came. When I returned home, I hopped in the shower and then I felt this slight burning sensation on my right leg. I looked down, and there was what appeared to be three scratch marks going down my right leg. I couldn’t believe it. I appeared to have been scratched by a demon. Now I’m definitely coming back to this place.
For many years now, people believe that this gate is a gate to hell. What’s phenomenal about this gate, is that there is a face from a rock next to the gate that looks like the face of a devil. It is believed that a portal exists at the Devil’s Gate Dam. In Native American days it was forbidden to go there because they believed that a portal really did exist there. Many occult rituals have taken place at the dam and occultists have hinted that a porta is definitely there. The negative energies and entities that pass through there are undoubtedly responsible for the murders and disappearances that have taken place there.
Most of the rituals took place in the 1940’s.  Jack “Whiteside” Parsons (a.k.a. The Antichrist Superstar and founder of Jet Propulsion Laboratories, which is looked over by the dam). Parsons was involved in an Occult group called the O.T.O. (Ordo Templi Orientis), which still exists today. They believed the dam held some sort of significant magical power. Parsons conducted Babalon Working. The purpose of this ritual, was to raise Thelema goddess Babalon, The Mother Abominations. After this ritual, Parsons met his soon to be wife Majorie Cameron. He believed Majorie was a manifestation of Babalon. After this ritual, Parsons conducted the Moonchild ritual. The Moon-Child was an entity that would overthrow Christianity and bring earth into a new Era. These rituals seemed to have opened the portal that exists at the dam. In order to do these rituals, sexual magick was necessary.

 Parsons was fired from JPL for stealing files from the Hughes Aircraft Company. In 1952, he was working in his home and blew up in an experiment he was doing. It seems that Karma repaid him in the end. 

After these rituals took place, the catastrophes started. The first took place on August 5, 1956. Donald Lee Baker, a 13 year old boy from Azusa, CA, and Brenda Howell, an 11 year old girl from Fort Bragg, CA went missing. The police tried to find them, but the only thing they found were their bicycles. For thirteen years this mystery was covered up until a man named Mack Ray Edwards came forward and admitted to kidnapping and killing them along with three other children. Edwards helped build Southern California freeways and actually buried the children’s bodies under the freeway. The day after he buried them, he paved the freeway over their graves. Edwards was given the death penalty. However, he took his own life by hanging himself in his cell in 1970.

Mack Ray Edwards

On March 23, 1957 it continued. This event might have been stranger than the other. A 6 year old boy named Tommy Bowman was hiking with his family above Devil’s Gate when he ran off not too far away from them. The family saw him round a corner and when they went to that corner he was gone. They tried to look for him, but had no luck. They then contacted a search team and got everything they could to find him, from helicopters to search dogs. After a week, Tommy was not found and the case was never solved. The same thing happened to another 6 year old boy named Bruce Kreman, who was on a hike with a YMCA group in the Devil’s Gate area. It appeared that Bruce was tired from the hike, so the leader told him to return to camp to rejoin the other kids. He was never seen again. Another large search team went out looking for Bruce, but there was no evidence of anything happening to him.

Nothing has been reported since then. However, people believe that the Devil’s Gate Dam has some kind of curse on it. I did an investigation of the place recently and it’s a pretty active paranormal spot. I used the history to my advantage and did an EMF session with K-II meter and got some amazing results. At first nothing was happening. Then when I asked Mack Ray Edwards if he was sorry for killing Donald and Brenda, the EMF detector started spiking to red, which is the highest it goes. Green is lowest. My partner then asked if he was forced to do it. The EMF meter spiked once again to red. I conclude from this, that he might have been under the influence of a demonic entity when he committed the murders. Then I told him that repenting for what he had done, would be the key to crossing the other side.

We also posed the question whether Tommy Bowman and Bruce Kreman were present, and the meter spiked red, indicating a positive response. I asked if they were never found and they replied by again spiking the EMF meter to red. I then asked if they had crossed over to the other side and my meter spiked once again. So it looks like Tommy and Bruce made it to the afterlife and were answering me from there, and were not earthbound. I then said goodbye and they responded with a final spike to the meter. Finally, we called out the spirit of Jack Parsons. I asked Parsons if there was a portal opened at the dam and if it was at the gate. Both questions got the strongest EMF spike.
After the investigation, it appears that Mack Ray Edwards has repented for killing Donald and Brenda, Tommy and Bruce are at peace on the other side, and Jack Parsons appears to be responsible for opening up a portal at the dam. Since that appears to be established, it looks like Devil’s Gate Dam lives up to it’s name. I returned recently to do a spirit box session near the gate. I was with a friend. In the middle of my session, my friend felt like something was behind him. When he turned around with his flashlight, nothing was there from his view point. From the corner of my eye, I saw what appeared to be a woman in a white gown with white hair covering her face. When I turned my head, she was gone. So if you decide to take a hike at the Dam, beware of the portal.

November 2012

Investigating with a friend, we were doing a spirit box session near the gate. As the spirit box was scanning, my friend had felt something behind him. When he turned around with his flashlight, I saw at the corner of my eye, what appeared to be a girl in a nightgown, with hair covering her face. I turn around quickly, and she disappeared. At the time, I wasn't sure if this was legit. So I haven't said anything about it. When the American Supernatural episode aired of Devil's Gate Dam, I learned about James Darnell's story. His girlfriend had seen this same female on their hike. At the time, James did not. He returned with his friend later that night, and saw that same girl. Keep in mind, I don't know them, and have never met them. They saw the exact same girl I had seen at the Dam.  Watch the video here,

June 14, 2013  Jersey Devil in Pasadena

 I was with my psychic at the time and her friend. I was walking up the trail pass the Devil's Gate Dam sign, and all of a sudden, I see this thing flying into some trees. I know for sure it wasn't a bird, because I had seen the image before. It had a long neck like a brachiosarus (Of course, much shorter in length) wings, and a tail. I know I've seen this image before. It was on the Google search when I was researching The Jersey Devil. Keep in mind that adrenaline makes you hallucinate. At that moment and time though, I was not experiencing any kind of adrenaline rush. At the time, I didn't say anything for moments. Then finally brought it up. I made this post on the S.I.U. fan page, and a guy wrote on the comments that he had seen the exact same thing at Gravity Hill. Never met the guy.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Pasadena Catacombs- Pasadena, CA

During the Halloween season in Pasadena, CA, there is a haunted attraction that takes place on the corner of Colorado and Raymond. It’s known as the Old Town Haunt. For $20.00, you can experience this haunted attraction. However, it is more than just a haunted attraction. This old town haunt is the site of the Pasadena Catacombs.

Discovered in 2005, the catacombs were discovered under a grate. Body parts of at least 36 different human remains were found scattered throughout the catacombs. An old abandoned mission use to be on the corner of Raymond and Colorado during the Mexican war. The catacombs that were underneath the mission were used to keep prisoners locked up. Mysteriously, these prisoners disappeared under unknown circumstances and they were found crazed into insanity. People believe that an evil spirit roams 
the catacombs to this day.

The Mission 

The mission was torn down and bank was built. In 1901, the bank was robbed by three robbers. They blew open the bank vault and escaped with gold. Even though the police surrounded the entire building, the robbers were never found. What’s amazing is when they blew open the bank vaults, the dynamite also blew open a wall. The wall opened up a path to the sealed off catacombs. People think that the robbers tried to escape through the catacombs and died there. “The ghost of the bank robbers” are said to roam the catacombs.

In 1946, after the end of World War II, Pasadena started to expand, so a new sewer system was required for the growing population. The sewer workers discovered what was later believed to be the old Spanish catacombs. The discovery of human remains were found and it appeared that it was the missing bank robbers. The only thing unexplained is that the body parts were found scattered about, and found spread out over several different areas of the underground. Then, after several mishaps, collapsing caverns, and vanishing sewer workers, the city decided to abandon the sewer plans. They thought it would be best to move to another location. The catacombs were then sealed up again.

The most talked about story of the Pasadena Catacombs is the story of Sarah Winsor. She was the 7 year old daughter of the banks president. One day, she was drawn to the catacombs and went into a bank vault when suddenly the vault door closed on her. She was locked up in the vault for nine days. When the vault was opened, her remains were found.

Sarah Windsor 

I was recently their doing an investigation of the Catacombs to see if it really is haunted. It was an interesting night. Getting locked up in the vault where Sarah’s body was found, my group tried to communicate with her and any other spirits that were present. I asked how many spirits there were with the SB7 Spirit Box. A voice came through saying 34. What’s interesting about that is the number of human remains that were found was 36. The number is very close and it’s possible there were 34 instead of 36 human remains found in the Catacombs.

Before we asked if any spirit were present, a voice was coming through. We asked for the name of the spirit and numerous names were coming through. The names were difficult to make out, but I did make out a Ron and a Kim. In the middle of our spirit box session, one of my team members battery died on his video camera. He had fully charged it before the investigation. Suddenly, a voice came through saying hello, so it’s possible that a spirit used the energy from the camera to communicate with us.

We then tried to communicate with Sarah. One of the people that works at the Old Town Haunt guided us that night and asked if she liked it when they scare people during Halloween time. We heard a female voice say “yes.” Shortly after that, it started to get cold in the room. This took place on a warm June night and it was about 75-80 degrees. The temperature drop was at least a 10-15 degree drop. I could feel it immediately because I was sweating and suddenly it cooled down. Using an infrared temperature gun, we looked around the room. It was 75 degrees and we detected an area that was 61 degrees.

We then decided to do a rapid EVP session where you ask questions quickly in a 2-3 minute time span. My fellow teammate had plugged in his video camera to charge up his battery. After 30 minutes, it was full again. He claims that it takes at least 2 hours to get a full battery on his camera. Back to the EVP session, I asked if something lured Sarah down to the vault. After about 10-15 seconds, a female spoke into the recorder. It was hard to make out what she was saying, but it sounded like a D word. Listening to it repeatedly, I think she said demon.

On the last part of the investigation, we went to the front of the catacombs where shadow figures have been reported. We began another spirit box session and our guide said he saw a shadow of what appeared to be a little girl. We stopped the session for a moment to check out the area. We began again and asked if it was Sarah that showed up. After a few seconds, a female voice said “yes.” That was the last part of our investigation.
After the investigation that night, I’d have to say that the Old Town Haunt is an active paranormal location. If you’re in Pasadena during Halloween, be sure to go check it out. Just don’t get locked in the bank vault.