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Monday, October 7, 2013

The Roosevelt Hotel- Hollywood, CA

When hotels and Los Angeles come to mind, you can’t help but think of The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, CA. It’s one of Los Angeles county’s most historic sites. Since May 15,1927, it’s been of great service to movie stars and tourists. Interestingly, two of Hollywood’s biggest movie stars during this time who have passed on to the after life, are seen here today. Also, there are reports of paranormal activity throughout the hotel.
Montgomery Clift stayed here for three months in 1953 for his role in the movie “From Here to Eternity.” Today, it is said that his ghost resides in room 928 on the 9th floor of the Roosevelt. Guests that have stayed in this room have reported that their luggage has been moved around without being touched. One woman claimed that she woke up in the middle of the night while staying in room 928 and saw a man in a top hat and a suit sitting on her luggage looking out the window. Witnesses have said that he is either seen in the hallway rehearsing his lines for his movie, or playing a trumpet.
In suite 1200, guests that have stayed in this room have reported seeing the ghost of Marilyn Monroe. This room use to be her poolside suite. She has been seen many times in a full-length mirror in this room. One of the most notable incidents happened in December 1985, when a maid by the name of Suzanne Leonard was dusting the room. She went to clean the mirror when suddenly she saw a blonde woman standing behind in the mirror. When she turned around, she was gone. The mirror now sits next to the elevator on the lower level.
These two famous ghosts aren’t the only ones that haunt the Roosevelt Hotel. Apparently, there’s more paranormal activity going on in this famous hotel. On the same day the maid Suzanne Leonard saw a full body apparition of what appeared to be Marilyn Monroe, a man named Alan Russell, who was a personal assistant to the general manager at the time, discovered something strange in The Blossom Ballroom. He was sweeping the floor when he suddenly felt a very cold spot in the room. He called it to other employees attention and they couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Psychics that have been here claim that a man in black clothing haunts this room. No one has been able to identify who this could be. Paranormal investigators believe that this coldspot is some kind of portal. People have also said that they’ve seen apparitions dancing in here as well as Marilyn Monroe’s. Perhaps it’s a portal for actors to dance at the Roosevelt.
We couldn’t end this paranormal detour of the Roosevelt without stopping by room Cabana Room 213 first. This is reported to be the most haunted room in the entire hotel. Front desk employees usually report on a regular basis that people check out in the middle of the night because the activity is so potent. They’re intuitions tell that something is very wrong with the room. About ten people have reported seeing a headless apparition coming at them. Guests have also said that the TV and sink in the bathroom turns on and off, as well as the coffee maker making strange rattling noises. Apparently, rumor is that a ghost hunter caught an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) of a spirit screaming “Someone died here!”
The Roosevelt Hotel has quite the history and quite the hauntings. Come visit this historic site on 7000 Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood, CA. if you’re visiting the Los Angeles area. Maybe you’ll see the ghost’s of Hollywood’s most famous actors.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Kinneloa Mesa- Altadena, CA

Up north towards the mountains of Pasadena, California, there is an area well known for it’s stories of the haunted forest and gravity hill. Both are in the same vicinity and are coincidentally haunted. What most people don’t know is that there is a third haunting within the same area. All of these hauntings are within three miles of with each other. The Haunted Forest and Gravity Hill are about a mile apart and the third is about two miles away from Gravity Hill. It is unknown what this third haunting is, however. It’s very mysterious. It’s a burnt-down building in the hills off of New York Dr. Some people say that it used to be an insane asylum. Some say it was a hospital. Either way, having a hospital or an asylum in this neighborhood doesn’t seem to make sense since it’s residential.
I first heard about this haunting in January, 2008, when I was hanging out with some friends of mine. We were talking about the local hauntings such as Suicide Bridge and The Haunted Forest. A friend of one of my companions had mentioned this third haunting. His friend said she was checking out the site of the third haunting, a burned down building, by herself. As she was investigating, she heard a deep, frightening voice call out her name. When that happened, she left immediately. After hearing about this, we wanted to go check it out.
Upon arriving, as we parked, a dog from across the street kept barking at us. The thing was, we weren’t on it’s property and we were walking away from it towards the burnt-down building. It seemed as if the dog was warning us not go over there. About five minutes later, we found some stairs that led down into a room. There was an uneasy feeling that suddenly came over me. We turned on our flashlights and found some disturbing graffiti work. We found something on the wall that said “save you”, along with some creepy faces. After looking around some more, my friend called my attention to something. There was a pentagram painted on the floor. During that time, my body went from feeling like we were in a meat locker, to burning hot. It was 40 degrees that night.
There was no doubt in our minds that satanic worship had taken place on this property. I started to think that this occult activity might be part of the reason for the area’s hauntings. We also found a quote on the wall that said “The dog is the father.” I didn’t know what that meant at the time. Then my friend told me that Satanists call God, “dog” because it’s God spelled backwards. An uneasy feeling came over me with goosebumps spreading on my arms. The energy of this place just got more intense.

As we continued the investigation, we captured some great EVP’s. The first one was of a girl’s voice. Keep in mind that there were no girls
with us on this investigation. It happened as I was photographing this place. We were talking amongst each other when suddenly a girl’s voice showed up on the digital recorder and said “I think I dropped my phone.........Hey!” Another one came up when my friend asked if any spirits had any last words. A chilling voice responded “Yes” immediately. The last EVP is probably the most interesting because it ties in with the first EVP. Another friend of mine asked “Are there any spirits that would like to say some final words to us at this time?” A women’s voice responded immediately saying “Don’t call her, all right?”

This got me thinking if there was a connection between the girl and the woman. Did this girl that said she dropped her phone need help? Why did this woman say not to call her? It seemed like this woman wants to keep this girl from moving on in the spirit world. It feels as if she may be a malevolent spirit. It made me wonder if this girl’s cell phone was somewhere around this burnt-down building.
After going back there a few times with different groups, I was never able to find anything or capture any additional evidence. The history of this place is still unknown. All I know is that people claim that it used to be an insane asylum. Is this mysterious place still haunted? I’d say that it still is.

Kinneloa Mesa Summary

-Unknown what it really was. All we know for now is that it was an Asylum that burnt down.
-Pentagram found indicating satanic rituals have been done here. Possible portal opened.
-Found the quote "The dog is the father." Dog is God spelled backwards and satanists do this.
-Odd temperature rises occur here.
-Connection between EVP 1 & 3. EVP 1- "I think I dropped my phone.....HEY!" EVP 3 Don't call her, all right?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The One Eyed Gypsy- Los Angeles, CA

Spirits With Spirits 

113 years is a long to be around. That’s how long The One Eyed Gypsy in Downtown Los Angeles has been around for. Since 1899, This bar has been quite the place for a drink and a social gathering. Rumor is it’s quite the place for a ghostly encounter as well.
During the late hours at the bar, workers claim to be touched, pushed, and pinched by spirits. They’ve also heard voices calling out to them in empty rooms. Things also turn on and off by themselves like the lights, and the faucets in the restrooms, as well as doors opening and closing by themselves. The men’s restroom is said to be the most active part of the bar. One witness claimed to have seen something truly remarkable. G.H.O.U.L.A. (Ghost Hunters of Urban Los Angeles) reported that this crown that’s on the head of a stature that no one can get to, flew across the room and hit someone in the head. I’m sure that guy didn’t find it remarkable at the time.
The bar has been around for over a 100 years, so it’s no surprise that there would be some sort of paranormal activity going on here. The bar was a brothel (A place where men can visit prostitutes) at one time. Unfortunately, the building burned down killing everyone that was inside. It’s also served as a saloon, a biker bar and has been used for bootlegging operations during prohibition.
It’s been reported that there have been numerous murders and incidents that have taken place at this bar. There was one that was more recent back in 2006 when a fight had flared up leading to gunshots outside the entrance of the bar. One person was murdered.
The staff believes that The One Eyed Gypsy is haunted by a female spirit. They think it’s either a madam or a waitress that was murdered. People also think that it could be a girl by the name of Anna Feliz. In 1902, she had committed suicide two blocks away because she had been working while she was very ill. People think it was a botched abortion, which happened often with women who worked in Brothels. There’s rumor that a man also haunts the bar. There was only one murder that had been reported in this bar, and that was back in 1906 when a man was shot in the barroom. There’s also the possibility that it could be a man that jumped off the 1st street bridge, which is just up the street from the bar, or a man who was poisoned. Then again, I’m sure it’s possible that any of these things could have happened in the past 100 years.
With all of that history being said, The One Eyed Gypsy is truly a unique bar of it’s own in the great city of Los Angeles with a great selection of interesting cocktails to choose from. Come have a spirit and talk about the spirits of the One Eyed Gypsy with the staff!