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Monday, December 29, 2014

The Aztec Hotel- Monrovia, CA

When you’re driving down Foothill blvd. in Monrovia, CA, you can’t help but notice a building with an interesting aztec like architecture. Coincidentally enough, this building is known as the Aztec Hotel. Passing by, you see the blue sign lit up saying Aztec Hotel with no one in there.  Although, the hotel has struggled with business, this building is one of Monrovia’s most historic landmarks. It’s been around since 1925. However, it is also known for it’s paranormal claims, and dark history.

This building is well known for being a route 66 attraction. Over the years, it’s also been known as a gambling hall, speak-easy, mob hangout, brothel, and a halfway house. This part of Monrovia at the time, was known for it’s drugs, and high crime rate. The Aztec Hotel is known for it’s female spirits. The most notorious one is a ghost known as Razzle Dazzle.” The other spirits are said to visit the women’s restroom quite often. The other spirits are said to roam the hallways, giving the air a chilly atmosphere. They’re probably the spirits of the women who were there when it was a brothel.

One paranormal group known as CSGR investigated here back in 2004. They had a psychic with them that claimed there was a portal in a room known as “The Green Room.” This portal was acting as a doorway for the spirits to come through The Aztec Hotel. It was given this name, because of the rooms green carpet. This room is in the basement area of the building. The hotel workers had been reporting hearing unusual sounds from this area, along with the sound of a dog growling. They had also found a bible with candles in the room. The candles were not used, but it’s still interesting to note they were in this room.

The Aztec Hotel is well known for it’s haunted room 120. In this room, an actress (Some people believe she was a prostitute), cracked her head open on the radiator of the room during the throws of passion. She was making love to her husband (or client) when the incident occurred. Strangely, rooms 118, 116, and 114 have not had any heat from their radiators since the event happened, according to the Aztec Hotel Monrovia website. Again, these systems have been checked and were supposedly in good working order.

There is a male ghost here that is known as Bob. According to the paranormal group CSGR, he was suppose to haunt room 128. However, their psychic picked up that he did not just stay at Room 128, but frequented throughout the hotel. The spirit (no pun intended) is said to be in a drunken state. The psychic also said that his name isn’t really Bob, but calls himself that anyway.

As of right now, the Aztec owners have been intending to reopen the hotel. They’ve undergone renovations since 2013. However, according to Pasadena Star News James Figueroa, it seems that little has gone according to plan to get the hotel/restaurant up and running and again. Perhaps it’s the hotels hauntings that keep these plans stagnant.