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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Glen Tavern Inn- Santa Paula, CA

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It’s a state of the art, historic hotel. It’s seen many of Hollywood’s faces such as Clark Gable, Steve McQueen, John Wayne, and Harry Houdini. It’s also a state of the art paranormal monument. Standing since 1911, The Glen Tavern Inn has been through quite a bit, from benefiting during the oil boom, to struggling during the prohibition era.  After standing for over 100 years, many sightings of paranormal activity are reported often. This might be due to the lack of documented information, when the 3rd floor had illegal activity going on.

On the first floor, there’s reports of a woman that is seen often. She’s been seen in the General Manager’s room in 106. She walked in one day, and vanished through the walls. She’s also been sighted in room 103 by Psychic Patrick Smith. He saw the woman taking care of someone who appeared to be ill in bed. The 2nd Floor of the hotel use to be used as a tuberculosis wing, back then. Perhaps the 1st floor was used as well. Visitors of the 2nd floor often report the sounds of children laughing and running around. More claims of the 2nd floor is that people often feel sleep paralysis.

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Most guests report of activity on the 3rd floor often. Back in the prohibition era, Glen Tavern’s 3rd floor was used as a Brothel, Gambling hall, and Speakeasy. The most talked about room is the infamous Room 307, where a prostitute was said to have been beheaded in the closet. A cowboy was also shot in the head in 307. The Cowboy could be a man named Calvin. Employees and guests feel that there is just something wrong with the room. He is also seen in the Hallways of the 3rd floor. Guests have seen him walk through the walls, and disappear. The hotel use to have his hat up on display. Unfortunately, the hat is gone now. It’s believed that one of the guests took the hat.

Room 308 also has many documentations of paranormal activity. It’s the main suite of the hotel. It also goes by The Houdini Suite, when Harry Houdini stayed here. A Latino paranormal group that visited the hotel, used an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) technique where they poured water to capture an EVP, and successfully did it. We decided to do the same technique when we stayed here. We weren’t expecting much, but ended up getting more than we bargain for. It started off, trying to communicate with the children spirits that roam throughout the hotel. When we focused our attention to Houdini, things started to act up. The moment we asked if he was here, an orb manifests on our camera phone in the middle of the screen, and shoots up. We do further research in the room that night, and do the water pouring technique to see what would happen. As we turned on the water faucet, while running the recorder, we caught an EVP saying “I need milk.” The EVP is significant, because only one team member knew about Houdini’s Milk Can Escape trick. It was also a credible capture, because the Milk Can Escape Trick was Houdini’s favorite. He called it “The best escape that I have ever invented.” Also, going outside of 308, one of our team members got some minor scratches.

@spydamonkii just got some minor scratches right now outside of Room 308. He just started feeling them out of no where....
Posted by S.I.U. The Supernatural Investigation Unit on Saturday, March 7, 2015

An additional room with activity was room 301. We didn't have much info on it, but felt we got some valuable data in this room when we were in there. We had a Rem-Pod on in the room, and it went off. We also had our Ovilus III running as well. Before the Rem-Pod went off, the Ovilus said the word "Disaster." After it said this, the Rem-Pod went off 3 times.  Perhaps a spirit was trying to notify us of a incident that happened in the room, when the 3rd floor had illegal activity going on. 

The Glen Tavern Inn continues to accumulate stories of spirit activity, as it continues to stand. As of today, it's one of many paranormal investigators favorite places to stay in the category of haunted hotels. More sightings at Glen Tavern are most definitely guaranteed.

Learning that #harryhoudini was in #room308 we asked if his presence was here. We told him we'd appreciate if he gave a...
Posted by S.I.U. The Supernatural Investigation Unit on Saturday, March 7, 2015

We're in room 308 right now investigating the suite. Harry Houdini stayed here when he was alive. We captured an EVP...
Posted by S.I.U. The Supernatural Investigation Unit on Saturday, March 7, 2015

  Glen Tavern Inn Nightmare by Adam Knoedler

I was at my house taking a shower. It was a cold day in the nightmare. Partly cloudy, with some heavy blue clouds. I finished my shower, and started walking around the house. I went into the kitchen to grab a snack, since I was a little hungry.  I finished my almonds, and walked into the living room. As I walked in, I looked out the main window, and saw this hearse parked outside of my house. 

There was a mortician in the driver sit stalking me. I couldn't make out his face, because he was completely covered in a shadow. I slowly walked backwards into the den, and for some reason started turning off all the lights, as if this was going to protect me from him. I then walked into the office in the back of the house to turn off the last light. As I did this, a feeling of relief came over me. It was then I turned around, and saw that the mortician had some how gotten into the house. I couldn't see him. He was a black figure so dark, I could see the outline of him. As soon as I turned around, he put his hand around my throat, and began to choke me. He had a strong grip, and I was loosing air fast. It was then, I plucked his hand away, and managed to give the mortician a palm heel strike to his face. The blow was strong enough to knock him out for the time being. I then turned on the light to the office, and came back to the mortician to confront him. I grabbed his suit, and pulled him into me, to see what he wanted with me. It was to my shock, that I learned that the mortician that was stocking me, was me. I suppose this was my doppleganger. 

The story behind dopplegangers is if you see it, you die. Then I woke up. Since that nightmare, nothing bad has happened. Another investigation of Glen Tavern was done 7 months later in October, it was again an active night. Glen Tavern is truly the most haunted hotel on the west coast.

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