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Monday, August 8, 2016

Disneyland- Anaheim, CA

It’s the happiest place on earth. Disneyland has been serving the public now since 1955, putting smiles on millions with their state of the art park, thanks to Walt Disney. It’s also the happiest haunted place on earth. For over 60 years now, Disneyland has accumulated quite a bit of ghost stories, and paranormal sitings. Your favorite ride there just might have a ghost waiting for you.

Mr. One Way, is one of the spirits that haunts Disneyland. He is reportedly seen at Space Mountain. The rumor is, people have gone on the roller coaster by themselves, and are joined by a large man with red hair, and a red face. The ride will start with him sitting by their side. At the end of the ride, he is gone. A man had died on the Space Mountain ride back in the 1970's. People believe this is Mr. One Way.  He has also been seen in the Locker rooms. Joining his ghostly side, is Disco Debbie. A woman who died of an  aneurysm behind the Space Mountain building. She is described as a glowing green ghost inside of the ride.

It's A Small World is another big Disneyland attraction with an abundance of spooky stories. Rumor is, cast members that worked here loved the ride so much, that people feel that they came back here after they had died. The big story here, is the lights turn off and on by itself, along with the dolls dancing by themselves, long after the electricity had been turned off. Cast members also claim that the dolls switch places on their own, or completely disappear never to be seen again. 

Dolly Young is another spirit that haunts the happiest place on earth. She is at The Matterhorn on the Tomorrowland side (or the B side). Back in 1984, she was on the ride with a child in front of her. In the middle of the ride, she is said to have taken off her seatbelt to help the child in front of her. Unfortunately, her head had hit the bridge, and she had fallen onto the track. The next Bobsled came down shortly, and she was ran over by it. They had to take apart the track, to get her body out of there. On the ride, it is now known as Dolly's dip. One of the workers claimed that the lights at Dolly's dip never worked. Her presence could be felt, when the lights were being checked on. 

One of the most common ghost sightings is on The Pirates of the Caribbean Ride. At night, employees see a boy riding one of the boats on the surveillance cameras. When the ride is done, the boy is gone. People have also dumped human ash on this ride, numerous times. The transition tunnel, which is the darkest part of the ride, is said by the employees that there are odd noises, talking, and laughter when the ride is completely shut off. Also, there is one real human skull in the ride. The skull above the bed in the treasure/skeleton segment.

Similar stories are said at The Haunted Mansion (where else). A mothers son had died young. His favorite ride at Disneyland was The Haunted Mansion. Having her son cremated, she asked Disneyland if she could scatter the ashes on the ride. Of course, the park said no. However, she snuck the ashes in and did it anyway. At the end of the ride, people have reported hearing the sound of a little boy crying. Also, a pilot also resides at the Mansion. A plane crash had occurred in the 1940's before Disneyland existed.  He is known as the man with cane according to  seeksghosts.blogspot. One of the cast members saw him at Doom Buggy loading dock. Finally, when the mansion first opened in 1963, someone had died in the mansion of a heart attack, because it was too scary for them. It didn't open again until 1969. 

If you thought these were all the hauntings, think again. There's more. The ghost of a teen who tried to sneak into Disneyland back in 1966, was killed by the monorail. Guests have reported seeing him running along the tracks. A woman in a nightgown is seen on main st. afterdark. Apparently, her purpose is to guide lost kids to care center, where their parents can find them. In 1973, two brothers stayed after the park had closed on Tom Sawyer Island. They tried swimming across the river, but one of the brothers drowned. Casts members at times, see a struggle happening in the river, only to learn nothing is there. Another teenager had died on the people mover in the 1960's. He had a girlfriend with blonde hair. Girls with blonde hair mention that they have been touched by an unseen figure. 

Last but not least, non other than Walt Disney resides at his masterpiece. He had an apartment at the Fire Station on Main st. His light in the apartment remains on in his remembrance. One of the cast members back in 1966, was turning off this light, and heard a disembodied voice say "I am still here. He died in 1965 of lung cancer. However, it's rumored that his body is cryogenically frozen. 

Over the years, Disneyland has made sure to keep it as the happiest place on earth, improving things so accidents can be kept at minimum. Disneyland will never be complete. It'll always be growing, and expanding. Of course, this also means that the spirits will also continue to accumulate. Hopefully, just visitors that enjoyed Disneyland in their lifetime.




  1. This place is really haunted. The cast member has to revel some facts. She said female employees talk about ghosts that untie the ribbons in the cast members’ hair. She said props move from one side of a room to the other. She said there are behind-the-scenes rooms in the Haunted Mansion that are so creepy employees avoid going inside.

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