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Friday, March 8, 2013

Los Angeles Gravity Hill- Altadena, CA

On Loma Alta Dr. in Altadena, sits a strange road. Many people know it as Gravity Hill. When you’re on this road, You’re supposed to put your car into neutral and it will start rolling up hill. This is strange because when you put your car on neutral on this kind of road, you’re suppose to go backwards because you're up hill. What’s even more intriguing is if you put baby powder on the hood or the trunk of your car, there are suppose to be fingerprints on it. Why is it that car’s get pushed up this mysterious hill? The history is unclear, but there are a few stories that explain what might have happened.
One story indicates that a girl and her friends had taken her parents car without permission and took it out for a joy ride. However, an unfortunate event occurred when the girl lost control of the car and crashed on the hill. It is said that their spirits are the ones that help you avoid a fatal car crash on the hill. The other story involves a school bus full of children. A school bus was driving on Gravity Hill when the driver lost control and everyone on the bus died. People believe that the kids on the bus help push your car up the hill to avoid an accident. The last story involves an Indian who was killed while pulling his carriage down the hill. Now his spirit remains there with intention of pulling you away from the hill.
I had been on this hill many times to show friends and people curious of the paranormal. I’ve never really investigated the area until now. It appears that Gravity Hill has some intelligent spirits around the area. I had an EMF detector with me and it seemed this one spirt liked communicating with me through it. I asked questions like “Are you a spirit?” “Are you wondering why we’re here?” “Are you a male spirit?” This spirit responded intelligently to my questions by spiking my K-II meter. I felt though at that time, it was time to bring out the SB7 Spirit Box. First things first though. The baby powder test.
I parked my truck at the starting point of the hill and started spreading the baby powder on my bumper. After that, it was go time. I got in my truck and put it on neutral and sure enough, it was moving. What’s interesting is it seems the higher it gets up the hill, the more speed picks up. After that was done, I got out to see the results. I was disappointed to see there was nothing. I wouldn’t excuse this claim just yet. Perhaps the baby powder needs to be placed specifically. Now for the Spirit Box!
If you don’t know what the SB7 Spirit Box does, it sweeps through radio frequencies delivering continuous white noise allowing spirits to communicate with the living. The results from this were pretty interesting. I’ll mention the best ones. I asked if a spirit had been pushing my car up the hill. The response I got was “I drove.” I was driving, but did a spirit channel through me? The other question I asked was “what happened here?” Strangely, the response I got was “Nothing.” My last question was if there were any evil spirits. The Spirit Box picked up“Hey...there’s 8.” This was strange because I’ve never felt anything evil at Gravity Hill.
After the investigation, there are a few things to note. Are the stories about Gravity Hill just made up? Are there evil spirits there? In my opinion, further research needs to be conducted.


Gravity Hill is one of the most talked about hauntings in Los Angeles County. Many young people like to come here looking for a paranormal experience. Rumor is if you leave baby powder on your car, you'll see the finger prints of the children that apparently died in a bus crash on the hill. I did this and nothing happened, but that doesn't mean it hasn't happened. People have reported that they have gotten finger prints on their car after attempting the baby powder experiment. Is Gravity Hill haunted? I gathered some interesting evidence on this investigation. 


  1. Hey guys,
    I've come across this story in my research on the paranormal as well. There are at least two or three other places in the country that attribute the same story of a bus full of children crashing, and the whole test with the "put baby powder on your bumper, and your car in neutral, and your car will move uphill" thing. The most notable being a railroad crossing in Texas. This was on the tv-show "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files". The story was that a bus full of school children was driving over the tracks when the bus stalled. A train came and crashed in to the bus, killing everyone. When you put your can in neutral on one side of the tracks, your car will move (seemingly uphill) and over the tracks to safety. However, what the team proved was that the "hill" that the train tracks were on was an optical illusion. And while it looked like the vehicle was moving uphill, you were in fact moving down hill. They determined this through the use of some geographical surveying tools. As far as the baby powder test. It turns out that the fingerprints discovered on the bumper of the cars were already there. The baby powder just made them visible. They proved this by cleaning the bumper first, then testing for fingerprints with fingerprinting powder. Again, I'm not trying to question your credibility, I just thought I'd bring it up to add to your pool of knowledge.
    Yours Sincerely

    1. Meghan, that sounds very logical to me. I do believe in paranormal happenings, but some thing are just made up also. You have to know what is what and if there is a reason things happen. Thanks for the truth about this one!

  2. I heard it was supposed to have been a man trying to save his family from an oncoming trolley but unfortunately they all succumb to the tragedy.

  3. It’s just an optical illusion.

  4. I saw the same show about the one in Texas and it was convincing. I know the paranormal exists as I've experienced some pretty incredible things and evidence (CLASSIC EVPs) before I ever knew what EVPs were, along with 7 other witnesses. Angels and demons who appeared before our very eyes and disappeared. So, believing doesn't come hard for me with such evidence. But even knowing the truth about gravity hill, I think it'd still be fun to experience! :)


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