Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The One Eyed Gypsy- Los Angeles, CA

Spirits With Spirits 

113 years is a long to be around. That’s how long The One Eyed Gypsy in Downtown Los Angeles has been around for. Since 1899, This bar has been quite the place for a drink and a social gathering. Rumor is it’s quite the place for a ghostly encounter as well.
During the late hours at the bar, workers claim to be touched, pushed, and pinched by spirits. They’ve also heard voices calling out to them in empty rooms. Things also turn on and off by themselves like the lights, and the faucets in the restrooms, as well as doors opening and closing by themselves. The men’s restroom is said to be the most active part of the bar. One witness claimed to have seen something truly remarkable. G.H.O.U.L.A. (Ghost Hunters of Urban Los Angeles) reported that this crown that’s on the head of a stature that no one can get to, flew across the room and hit someone in the head. I’m sure that guy didn’t find it remarkable at the time.
The bar has been around for over a 100 years, so it’s no surprise that there would be some sort of paranormal activity going on here. The bar was a brothel (A place where men can visit prostitutes) at one time. Unfortunately, the building burned down killing everyone that was inside. It’s also served as a saloon, a biker bar and has been used for bootlegging operations during prohibition.
It’s been reported that there have been numerous murders and incidents that have taken place at this bar. There was one that was more recent back in 2006 when a fight had flared up leading to gunshots outside the entrance of the bar. One person was murdered.
The staff believes that The One Eyed Gypsy is haunted by a female spirit. They think it’s either a madam or a waitress that was murdered. People also think that it could be a girl by the name of Anna Feliz. In 1902, she had committed suicide two blocks away because she had been working while she was very ill. People think it was a botched abortion, which happened often with women who worked in Brothels. There’s rumor that a man also haunts the bar. There was only one murder that had been reported in this bar, and that was back in 1906 when a man was shot in the barroom. There’s also the possibility that it could be a man that jumped off the 1st street bridge, which is just up the street from the bar, or a man who was poisoned. Then again, I’m sure it’s possible that any of these things could have happened in the past 100 years.
With all of that history being said, The One Eyed Gypsy is truly a unique bar of it’s own in the great city of Los Angeles with a great selection of interesting cocktails to choose from. Come have a spirit and talk about the spirits of the One Eyed Gypsy with the staff!

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