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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Rialto Theater- South Pasadena, CA
In South Pasadena, CA, on the old route 66, there’s a historic landmark that’s been there for over 80 years. It was the city’s top entertainment venue for many years. That is until it closed down in 2007. The Rialto Theater is a big part of South Pasadena’s history. Apparently, it’s also a good spot if you’re looking for a haunted building. Many paranormal teams that have been in there, believe that it is haunted. 

It opened on October 17, 1925. The picture “What Happened to Jones” premiered that evening. Before the movie started, Vaudeville acts were offered to the audience, followed by trapeze artists. The Vaudeville acts were popular up until the 1930’s. The admission back in the day was $0.30 cents. The theater helped people during The Great Depression. It was able to generate business by offering it’s customers prizes. In it’s time period, The Rialto suffered two fires. There was one in the 1930’s and one in 1968. Each time, the theater was brought back to it’s feet.
Since it’s had a long history, it makes sense that the Rialto has accumulated some ghosts. There are rumors that people have died in the theater. The most notorious one is of the girl of committed suicide in the girls bathroom, slitting her own wrists. She went on up to the balcony where she collapsed and died. There have been reports from staff and visitors of the stalls shaking in the girls bathroom, where the girl took her life. 

Not only are there human spirits residing in the theater, there is also the ghost of a cat there as well. Apparently, back in the day, the theater’s mascot was a cat. This cat walked around the old movie house and brushed up against the customers legs. It would also walk in front of the movie screen. People claim that the cat still quietly walks around the theater and appears with some kind of red light in front of the theater.

There’s another story of a man who went crazy in the projector booth. There’s a ghost of an older man in the Rialto, that’s seen throughout the building. He’s sitting in different seats, and walks up the balcony and back down. Another rumor is that someone saw a dark figure come down from the front of the movie screen, and started walking down the isle. When he reaches the lobby, he’s gone. The body language of the spirit seems to suggest that it could be the man that went crazy.
Additional paranormal sightings of The Rialto Theater include, anomalies in photographs that are taken, the feeling of uneasiness coming over people, and disembodied voices. It’s possible that the O.T.O. (Ordo Templi Orientis) did rituals in the theater. The rituals may have opened something in the girls bathroom. It’s possible that that was the reason why the girl took her life away. I’m judging that based on a paranormal groups results from the location. 

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  1. This place was amazing! Great food, it's smaller than others I guess but it is still a fair sized fun. The decor at this venue for NYC events was amazing as every note of music reverberates off the beautiful walls. Everything about this venue is nothing less than 5 stars.

  2. I was Asst. Manager at the Rialto in 1969-70 and yes it is very haunted. Had a number of disquieting experiences back then, particularly when alone and closing up at night as last one out. I was told by the Manager that back in the 20s or early 30s an employee hung himself behind the curtains, only to be discovered when the curtains opened for the show.