Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Los Feliz Murder Mansion- Los Angeles, CA

Would you live in a Murder Mansion? There’s a house on the hilltop of Los Feliz on Glendower Place, that hasn’t been occupied since December, 6, 1959. It’s simply known as “The Los Feliz Murder House.” 

A year after the incident, Julian and Emily Enriquez, had purchased the mansion. However, they never lived in it. They just use the house for storage. Neighbors have seen them bringing boxes to the house, but they’ve never stayed in it. In 1994, their son Rudy inherited the house. Rudy, has also never lived in the house. The mansion has remained the same since the night of the murders. 

It was December 6, 1959. Physician Dr. Harold Perelson had just gotten home from work, and had dinner with his family. He had three children and a wife. His wife’s name was Lillian, and his three children were Judye, Debbie, and Joel. Judye was the oldest, Debbie the middle child, and Joel was the youngest. After watching some TV, the kids went to bed. The killings are believed to have happened an hour later. 

The Perelson Family 

The neighbors had nothing but good things to say about Dr. Perelson. Apparently, he was a nice and kind man. Then, that December night came along. When the younger children went to bed, Harold went to the garage and got a hammer. He went to the bedroom with that hammer, where Lillian was reading. He had walked over to her bedside and asked her a question. When she looked up, she saw her husband with the hammer and was struck to the point where her skull were in fragments. 

Judye came across her dead mother in her bed. The blood was spattered on the wall paper. Dr. Perleson then turned the hammer on Judye, and struck her. Luckily, she was able to raise her forearm to lessen the impact of the hammer. She tired to get away, but slipped on the carpet, that was soaked in her mother’s blood. He then took her daughter’s head and slammed it into the floor. She was hit with another blow from the hammer. 

Harold had gone to his two younger children’s bedroom. Judye was still alive, managed to get out of the house, and got the help of a nearby neighbor. While Dr. Perelson was in Josh and Debbie’s room, he was explaining to them that they were just having a nightmare and told them to go back to bed. While, Judye was at the neighbor’s house, they saw the damage to Judye’s head and got a hold of the police. 

When they got a hold of the police, the authorities rushed to the house. Within that time frame, Dr. Perelson sat in his chair, opened up a bottle of acid, and drank it. He was dead when the police arrived on the seen. The children were okay, and were comforted. The motive for the murders remains a mystery to this day. It’s believed that he may have been going through financial difficulties, stressed about his work, or that he was institutionalized. The family has already said that he wasn’t institutionalized. No one knows for sure. The answer might just be in the energy of the house. 

Today, there are no trespassing signs to the house. However, people have gotten up close of the house anyway, and have gotten pictures inside the house through the windows. The furniture is the same as it was, with some drop clothes over it. You can also see the storage. The owner Rudy, has 2 cats that live there. He says that he goes there often to feed them. People say that the house is haunted, but not much detail is given. Hopefully, this house will be open to investigations in the paranormal field soon. 


  1. How does anyone know it is haunted being nobody has ever lived there since the murders? Just because someone is murder in a house, doesn't mean it is haunted. I understand why none of the children would want to live there after what happened, but still don't know who said it is haunted. Also, if it is haunted, why would Randy keep cats there? That is very odd too. Why don't he tear the house down or sell it or something? Too many questions to believe this is "Just Haunted" and I do believe in these things.

  2. I grew up around here and that shit is haunted you can feel that energy.
    BTW that's like a 3 million dollar house. Sell it I say! Who cares if it's haunted maybe a couple into that sorta stuff will buy it.